MAC vs. MorpheMe: April Brush Dupes!

Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 7, 2018

MAC vs. MorpheMe: April Brush Dupes!

Be a spring queen with the makeup of your dreams! A perfectly snatched face requires a few tools. You can spend $20-40 per brush and shop around for hours to figure out the difference between these 8 blending brushes that look almost alike or save yourself some time and money with LiveGlam MorpheMe! We’ve got our April MorpheMe and MAC brushes in a showdown- check out our April dupes!  

If you’re new to the LiveGlam brush club, MorpheMe, you can get 3-8 new Morphe brushes every month for $19.99! We will select a new brush set for you every month and you’ll be blending and buffing up a storm before you know it! Now let’s see these MAC makeup brush dupes!

Morphe R4 Tapered Powder -vs- MAC 135 Flat Powder

The R4 brush is a tapered powder brush with long fluffy synthetic bristles, just like the MAC 135! This brush has a pinched ferrule which gives it an flattened shape that is perfect for a soft contour. You can use this brush to carve out your cheeks and forehead. You can also use it with your blush and an all over face powder. It’s a great, versatile face powder brush and it’s SO SOFT!

Morphe E47 Flat Angle Contour -vs- MAC 268 Angle Brush

The E47 and 268 are firm, flat topped angle brushes with synthetic bristles. This brush has a few different uses! I love to snatch my nose contour with this. The brush is small enough to get the precise shape down for a perfect faux nose job. You can also use it to apply concealer or contour, buffing it out with a fluffier brush.

Morphe E11 Angled Brow -vs- MAC 266SH Small Angle

The E11 and 266SH synthetic angled brushes are great for applying a brow product. Get a nice natural brow using a powder product with this brush! You can also use it to wing out your eyes or smoke out a cat-eye wing. Angled brushes are also good for cleaning up liner, lips, and other places you need sharp!

Morphe E17 Precision Blender -vs- MAC 224 Tapered Blend

The E17 is a synthetic, tapered blending brush you can use to fleek your crease, like the popular MAC 224. This brush is sized perfectly carve your crease and add definition to your eyes. You can use it to blend out your transitions or pop on some highlight as well! Spritz it with a bit of a setting spray and you can use your E17 to apply shimmer or glitter to your eyes, too!

You can get fly this Spring without breaking the bank when you’ve got your LiveGlam MorpheMe brushes! You don’t have to spend $20 on a brush when you can get a whole set of quality makeup brushes for $19.99. Be sure to show us how you’re slaying this Spring with your April MorpheMe by tagging #LiveGlamFam (and you can even win some swag)!

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