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LiveGlam September 2019 KissMe Collection Review

Posted by Gin Mabey on Sep 06, 2019

LiveGlam September 2019 KissMe Collection Review

September has come! Can you believe it? For some, it means Fall is fast approaching, for others, it means Spring is on the way! But best of all, it means a new LiveGlam Lippie Collection…and boy is it a GREAT one. In fact, out of all the LiveGlam Lippie collections, this is my favorite. Here’s my review of the September 2019 KissMe collection!

Here’s what ya get…

1. Sugar Baby Lip Scrub

Hallelujah, LiveGlam has finally graced us with a lip scrub! Those of you who are moving into cooler seasons will need to up your lip-care game if you want to continue wearing liquid lippies when the wind kicks off. Dry, scaly lips are a nightmare to deal with at the best of times, let alone when you’re craving a velvety matte lip.

The Sugar Baby Lip Scrub features a delectable watermelon flavor, with coarse sugar to really buff those lips. What I love the most is that this scrub is in stick form, as opposed to a messy pot or jar. You can control how much you use, and don’t have to dunk your finger into the product.


– Get into the habit of using your Sugar Baby Lip Scrub before bed, followed by a nourishing lip balm or lip oil.

– Keep your lips moisturized with balm during windy, dry days and apply a layer of balm before applying your LiveGlam liquid lip (leave to soak in).

2. 1st Class

A matte pink which is neither barbie nor baby, but perfectly flattering with a touch of cool mauve. I always have grand plans to wear bold, bright colors for everyday wear, but I never follow through. It’s a mixture of laziness and cowardice. But this color is perfect, it’s bold enough to create a look but chill enough not to scare me away on a regular old Monday. I add a little smoky kohl and powder to the top lash, balm on my cheeks, sexy pinky-mauve lip. Mmmmhmmm.


– For a subtler look with an easier application, take a dab of product on your finger and press it into your lips, blending until you have a soft wash of color.

3. Plane Jane

What’s better than a nude-peach gloss? Personally, I can’t think of anything…except for maybe a flattering pink (see above!). I tell you, if there’s a collection of lip products in my bag (and there always is), I will choose the nude gloss 99% of the time.

Plane Jane is super juicy, glossy and has just the right level of warmth without veering into orange. It’s the kind of lip which is perfect with nothing but a slick of mascara but also ties together a full face of extreme-level glam.

Oh, and any lip product which can be applied in a rush, without a mirror gets my wholehearted seal of approval.


– Slick it on, wear it anywhere!

– Plane Jane looks beautiful with any makeup look, especially bronzy skin and hazy, coppery eyes.

Have you grabbed the LiveGlam September KissMe collection yet? Let me know what you think of it down below!

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Gin Mabey

Gin Mabey

Gin is a beauty enthusiast with a passion for makeup she's had since kindergarten when she would raid her Mum's makeup drawer. When she's not playing with new products and writing about makeup, she's a theatre actress, director and producer.

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  • Lovem

  • Love my lippies. Sugar for the hunny!

  • I would have wanted to get a couple of these just for the colors and the scrub , I have never been able to find an amazing scrub... And watermelon 🍉 is my favorite .. I hope it comes back in the shop like the others cuz I will be getting more for me and friends. This is perfect LiveGlam

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