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    LiveGlam Rewards Program

    Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 14, 2017

    LiveGlam Rewards Program

    Welcome to LiveGlam Rewards

    As a member of our #LiveGlamFam, you’ll earn Reward points to redeem beauty goodies and even cash! Earning points is simple, you won’t even have to get off the couch! Keep reading to learn more.

    Keep The Glam Going

    All you have to do is maintain your membership! For every club package you receive, you’ll earn 100 Reward points. As long as you don’t skip a collection or cancel your membership, you’ll be racking up those points.

    LiveGlam Points

    Points For Your Thoughts?

    We are always listening to our Glammers! When you rate your collections, you’ll help make our beauty products even better. In return, we’ll give you 25 Reward Points for every collection you rate.

    Get Your Rewards

    Share the Love!

    When you refer your friends to the #LiveGlamFam. As a Silver member, you’ll score 200 points for every friend that joins one of our clubs. All you have to do is share your special referral link with them. When you refer at least 3 friends a month, you’ll become a Gold member and receive up to 250 points per friend. That means you’ll be able to cash out via PayPal and get glam goodies! Click below for more details on our LiveGlam Referral Program.

    Refer A Friend

    Earn LiveGlam Points

    Time To Redeem Your Rewards

    Ready to get rewarded? You deserve it! Head to our Rewards page to check out all the beauty products available to redeem. We’re always adding new ways for you to earn Reward points, so be sure to keep checking back in. It couldn’t get more picture PERK-fect!

    View Rewards

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    • I love addy makeup

    • I love watchen you.i wish I could get some free stuff... I love makeup .I just started waring ... I love it .......I'm 48 years old

    • I love watchen you.i wish you on YouTube all the time . could get some free stuff... I love makeup .I just started waring ... I love it .......I'm 48 years old I don't have a lot of money I WATCH my grandbaby .....for my daughter....

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