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El Paso Strong LiveGlam Lip Crayon

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*SOLD OUT* Introducing our New Lip Crayon, “El Paso Strong”

Posted by LiveGlam on Aug 08, 2019

*SOLD OUT* Introducing our New Lip Crayon, “El Paso Strong”

UPDATE (8/9/19): Our “El Paso Strong” lip crayon is now sold out. We thank you all so much for joining us to support this important cause in a city that means so much to us. 100% of the profits are going towards the victims affected by the tragedy in El Paso and their families. Dhar, Laura, Leslie, and Alex will be personally delivering this donation, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for joining our #LiveGlamFam in making a difference and being #ElPasoStrong ❤️

El Paso Strong – Supporting Victims and Families in El Paso

As we keep everyone in El Paso and other areas affected by these recent tragedies in our hearts and prayers, we’ve also been working on ways we can help give back.  That’s why we’ve decided to launch our first ever non-liquid lip product, a Lip Crayon, this Friday, August 9th, and name it El Paso Strong. 100% of the profit from the sale of El Paso Strong will be donated to an organization to help the victims in El Paso and their families. 

Additionally, the founders of LiveGlam, Dhar and Laura, will be traveling to El Paso to personally donate school supplies and give blood.    

About the Lip Crayon

Our shop-exclusive lip crayon is lightweight, lasts up to 18 hours, waterproof, and has a silky matte finish. Get a smooth, light and airy application with highly pigmented coverage. Plus, there’s no feathering so you can get that sculpted lip contour. 

Rock this bold fuchsia with pride knowing you’ve joined our #LiveGlamFam in making a difference to support an important cause! 

El Paso Strong Lip Crayon

How To Purchase and Support

Starting Friday, August 9th, this lip crayon will be available to purchase by members of any of our LiveGlam clubs, as well as non-members through our Shop page for $15 (with free domestic shipping and $5 flat-rate international shipping + tax). Although we normally give members a discount on all Shop products, we’ve decided to keep the prices the same to give additional support to the victims and their families. 

Since we know that so many of you want to give your support we’ve increased the maximum one person can purchase to 5.  Supplies are limited and we do anticipate this selling out.

If you know of other ways to support El Paso, as well as those affected by the tragedy in Dayton, Ohio, please let us know in the comments below.  We’ll also be updating our socials with more information so make sure to follow our Instagram for up to date info. 

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We love our Glammers and are so amazed by how much love and support our community has shown.  

Stay #ElPasoStrong 

xoxo, LiveGlam 




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  • Thank you very much I'm from El Paso Tx and it's been very heartbreaking everything that's going on I love liveglam ♥️♥️

  • Thank you Liveglam, for supporting my hometown, this has affected many of us away from home too. El Paso will forever be my home no matter where I go. #ElPasoStrong

  • This is why I love you!!! ❤️This humbles my heart! Thank you!!!

  • El Paso is my hometown and this makes my heart smile ❤❤❤

    • Hoping to be able to get one before they sell out. It's a great thing liveglam did to support My city #ElPasostrong

  • Thank you liveglam for supporting El Paso Tx. #elpasostrong🙏🙏🙌❤

  • Prayers for El Paso. ❤️🙏🏻

  • Thank you for the love and support ♥️

  • Liveglam what you are doing is so caring and nice because they need all the support at this moment

  • keep strong El Paso Texas God bless all

  • Cant thank u enough for what ur doing for our city you both have a heart of gold God Bless u Both always and may u continue to grow u both deserve so much

    • Me dejan sin palabras este jesto tan hermoso de su parte significa mucho para todos los que de alguna forma fuimos afectados con esta tragedia gracias por dar para las familias afectadas me siento orgullosa de ser parte de liveglam por mas de 1año.. God Bless💞💞.. #elpasostrong

  • Thank you for your support. We love you guys!! #elpasostrog💪🏼❤️

  • What a Great way to support El Paso 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️

  • Thank you so much for supporting my hometown El Paso Texas . You two have such beautiful hearts 💕

  • This is great! El Paso is a very family oriented and loving community we accept everyone!!! Proud to say BORN AND RAISED here! #elpasostrong ❤️

  • Thank you guys for your support! My parents live in El Paso and my sister in law was there when this all happened. She is safe thanks be to God but it was definitely a very scary and heartbreaking thing to present for! You guys are amazing! #ELPASOSTRONG

  • I want one for my girlfriend How can i buy it?

  • Thank you so much for everything you’re doing for my beautiful El Paso! You guys are the best! 💕🙏🏻

  • I am not a member but I am from El Paso, Texas. Thank you for the support! We have received support from all over the world and that's amazing. We have shown that we are family and we've chosen to be remembered for our unity above all. Thank you and God bless you!

  • Thank you for the support!! #ElPasoStrong

  • My family and I would like to thank you for your love and support for Our HomeTown. You all are so humble and kind. You are a true blessing to all the Family’s effected in this tragedy. May God Bless You Always. #ElPasoStrong

  • I would definitely buying so i can contribute with something to support our gente from el paso🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Praying for El Paso ❤️

  • Thank You Liveglam this is wonderful. Coming from EPTX myself I can say this color really hits the nail on thr head for our city. Beautiful & bright and glam 👌❤

  • This is truly amazing! I’m from El Paso and i love seeing all the support you guys are going to give and help with. Thank you all for everything!

  • Thank you LiveGlam for all of your support to the El Paso victims. Y’all are amazing!!❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m from El Paso, living in Colorado and I think this is a wonderful way to support the victims of this tragic event. Kudos to LiveGlam and their team for standing strong with El Paso!

  • I think this is very nice from you guys many blessings #elpasostrong

  • I'm not a member, but I'm from El Paso. I'm a police officer and military service member and this warms my heart!!! I can't wait to purchase some of these tomorrow!!! But, I think an awesome way to help would be to do some city colors bundle. For example, pick 3 colors, making one a glitter one for the city lights, and call it downtown El Paso (elp), using the different high school colors etc. Thank you again for your love and support!!!

  • Prayers for El Paso #ElPasoStrong

  • Prayer for El Paso 🙏🏽💗

  • #ElPasoStrong

  • We are deeply grateful for the support you are willing to give to the city of El Paso. It is a wonderful idea to help the families and everyone that had to experience such loss . I can't wait to sport out your awesome product. Thank you, liveglam , and blessings to everyone involved .💞

  • #elpasostrong Thank you so much for doing this for our city, we humbly appreciate it. Continued blessings

  • We appreciate the love and support. #elpasostrong

  • Thsnk you for the love and support. We are El Psso Strong

  • Gotta LOVE your humbleness. Chicago supporting #ELPASOSTRONG ♥

  • Thank you for your support! 💕 I’m from El Paso and this means so much for us!🙌

  • Thank you Live Glam.! We all thank you from here From El Paso.! My hometown.!!

  • So happy to be apart of helping and buying this lippie! I’m a proud El Pasoan and will never forget! #ElPasoStrong!

  • God Bless El Paso in our prayers.

  • Prayers for El Paso🙏❤️❣️

  • Thank you for supporting El paso! 💖

  • Im originally from California but moved to NM Im always In El Paso shopping eating Etc this is now my 2nd home and just to see this it broke my heart 💔God Bless every family who lost a loved one My Heart goes out to you! And Yes El Paso Strong! Les this is so beautiful what your doing!

  • Dhar and Laura, El Paso is humbled with such an amazing act of kindness that you are doing for our city. El Paso thanks you and welcomes you with an open heart!! Xoxo #ElPasostrong

  • Thank you Love Glam! I hope the foundation you will be giving back to is the El Paso Community Foundation. ( If not, please let us know which specific one. Hugs from El Paso! ❤️ #ElPasoStrong #I🌟EP

  • Thank you for the support 💕 #ElPasoStrong

  • When are they restocking the #915ElPasoStrong lippie couldn't get my hands on it 😢.

  • It’s wonderful LIVEGLAM is doing this for El Paso! Thank each and everyone of you who supported this with a purchase, it’s greatly appreciated! Hopefully there will be a restock, my coworkers and I are in El Paso and wanted several crayons but they’re sold out!

  • You have no idea the heartbreak & pain our city has been enduring. This is so amazing and generous of you guys I’m sure all of El Paso appreciates it!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • will you restock El Paso Strong

  • So sad I didnt get a chance to buy one was really looking forward to supporting my home town and the ones affected by this tragedy 😢

  • Thank you Live Glam! You all are amazing caring people. I’m born & raised in El Paso. Truly appreciate what you are doing for the victims & their families.

  • Will yall be restocking ? I really wanted this lip color 😕 And this was very sweet of yall to do.... My condolences and prayers are still to all of yall effected in this horrifying tragedy. But yall are strong warriors, and I like that yall stay United. May God be with you all. #ElPasoStrong


  • Wow I can't believe it's sold out, will she be stocking this lippy anytime soon?

  • I finally received my LiveGlam El Paso strong crayon!!! I love it so much, and I am so grateful to you guys for donating the proceeds to our community!!! #elpasostrong!!!! 💋💕💄

  • i would love to purchase this lip crayon.

  • It sold out super fast I wish it wouldn’t have I would have loved to have gotten some lippies pasostrong

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