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    LimeCrime Opals Hi-Lite Palette- LiveGlam Review

    Posted by LiveGlam on May 03, 2017

    LimeCrime Opals Hi-Lite Palette- LiveGlam Review

    Have you ever felt an affinity to shiny seashells, crystals, or unicorns? If you drool over all things opalescent and would literally bathe in moondust (if that were like a thing), then LimeCrime Hi-Lite Opals might be the palette you need in your arsenal! Check out the LiveGlam review on this bold highlighter palette!


    Your inner unicorn will be frolicking with joy when you check out this awesome packaging! The teal-pink-gold-purple iridescent casing is absolutely perfect for this product. Aside from being oh-so visually pleasing, it is basically the perfect palette to me!

    The size is very concise which makes it super easy to stash, and the pans are large and square, not too indented. You can easily get any brush in there. The shades are listed on the back, which is something I appreciate in a palette (particularly eyeshadow ones, but it’s just a nice detail!). The pans aren’t removable, for those that like their Z-palettes, but it makes no difference to me!

    I can’t think of any reason why this isn’t a 5 out of 5!


    I mean, just look at the swatches! The color payoff is fantastic, even on my fair skin. Each color has it’s own diverse undertones and reflectors. They really sell the opalescent look, and are even prettier when you mix them! And I love a good versatile product– highlighters are basically any beautiful shimmer you ever needed for anything. The LimeCrime Hi-Lite palette in particular looks fabulous on the eyes, as a body shimmer, and even a lip topper.

    So, clearly I am a fan of the colors! The shadows are very soft and pillowy, too. They are just a touch on the chalky side, but they blend very smoothly. They’re sensitive to indenting, so watch your nails! (I might or might definitely have clawed one of mine, oops!) The payoff is really pigmented for a highlighter and it keeps me glowing all night! It really does melt into your skin, and doesn’t accentuate pores like some shimmer products.

    I’m declaring a 4.8 out of 5 on performance! (If the pans were just a bit firmer we’d be looking at another 5!)

    Hi-Lite Opals placed over black eyeliner and as a face highlighter


    How much are the tears of a unicorn worth to you? (insert dorky Harry Potter reference here….) But really, the Hi-Lite Opals palette is $38 and 7g of product! Guys, that’s a lot of product. Not gonna call out any names here, but the other very popular highlight palettes out there that cost $40 only give you 4.5g of product. This palette is not only the answer to your deepest Unicorn dreams, it’s a great value!

    5 out 5 on price, my friends.

    Total- 4.9

    This highlight is everything I desire for in a palette! Great value, looks amazing, works amazing, and it makes your day just a little more magical.

    If you don’t wanna walk around looking like crushed opals all day and dig more of a floral-toned or bronzey glow, then stay tuned for the Blossoms Hi-Lite palette. Your fairytale fantasies will be answered soon. Until then, stay glam! 

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    Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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