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Les Do Makeup LiveGlam collaborations

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Les Do Makeup x LiveGlam Collabs!

Posted by LiveGlam on May 23, 2018

Uh, hello! We know how much our #LiveGlamFam loves our fave Babygirl, Les Do Makeup (who doesn’t?!), and we feel that love and support every time there’s new Les Do Makeup x LiveGlam collaborations. Whether you missed out on a Les Do Makeup collab or you simply want all the juicy deets on the collabs we’ve done with Les so far, you’re at the right place. Consider this your Les Do Makeup one stop shop for  all the updates, shades, and products, handpicked and perfected by Leslie herself!

Les Do Makeup Lippie Club Collabs

Bake My Day Collection

Les Do Makeup x LiveGlam collab bake my day collection

In November 2020, we launched yet another successful surprise for our Babygirls with Les Do Makeup collab! The “Bake My Day” collection featured her favorite dessert-inspired shades that included a creamy, nude lip liner, matte lippie, and even a sugary scrub smells just like cake batter! Did we mention the ka-ute packaging?! Every Babygirl will be lookin like a snack with this yummy bundle!

The Love Collection

In August 2019, we couldn’t help but release another Lippie Club collab with Leslie. The “Love Collection” is an extra special collab that Leslie created in honor of her bundle of joy and the newest addition to the #LiveGlamFam, Baby G! The shades? Baby G (a soft matte pink), Baby Daddy (a seductive brown), and Baby Mama ( a matte berry red). These dazzling lippies were packaged in the most adorable casing with rose gold hearts. P.S. we held a special brunch for the launch of this collection and you can watch a recap of everything that happened (including Les’ cutest baby bump)!

Oh Martha Lippie

Les Do Makeup Oh Martha lippie collab

Shortly after our first collab with Leslie, we decided to surprise our Babygirls for the holidays with another lippie, “Oh, Martha“. Named after a quote from Leslie’s fave holiday movies, The Grinch! This flattering nude gloss was packaged in stunning gold glitter casing and it quickly became a must-have for all of our Babygirls and #LiveGlamFam! In November 2019, the Oh, Martha lippie was re-released exclusively for LiveGlam members and quickly sold out again.

Cherry Blossom Collection

Les Do Makeup LiveGlam KissMe collabs

In May 2018, we launched our very first Lippie Club collab with none other than Les Do Makeup! These iconic Les Do Makeup lippies made a very special spot in all of our Glammers’ vanities, including ours (duh!). This collection featured 3 gorgeous shades created by Leslie: Tequila (a bold deep brown), Baby Girl (a flattering mauve), and last but certainly not least, Crystal (the perfect nude). These stunning shades were packaged in the cutest cherry blossom casing! Shoutout to all our Babygirls who still rock these shades, to this day! For the 2019 holiday season, this liquid lipstick collection was re-released in the Bundle Of Joy collection.

Les Do Makeup Eyeshadow Collabs

Les Do Makeup LiveGlam eyeshadow palette collabs

Back in April 2019, we relaunched our Eyeshadow Subscription Club, with our first eyeshadow collab with Les Do Makeup! This palette featured 10 ravishing shades with names that represent important things in her life like “915”, “Cristina”, and “Girls Night”. The Les Do Makeup eyeshadow palette was such a huge accomplishment for us and for Leslie so we threw our first launch party in Leslie’s hometown of El Paso, where she revealed the palette to everyone that attended. Missed out on the launch party? No worries, we have a fun vlog with a recap of everything that happened! We also have you covered if you need some inspo using this palette!

Bundle Of Joy Collection

After a year and a half since launching our very first LiveGlam collab with Leslie and selling out twice, you Babygirls must have been putting it on your wishlists because she brought back her original cherry blossom lippies and her Eyeshadow Club palette for the holidays in 2019! The “Bundle of Joy” collection featured her ever-so popular cherry blossom collection and her Eyeshadow Club palette! To make things more exciting for our Babygirls, this bundle was packaged in a gorgeous custom box. 

Stay Up To Date On The Latest LiveGlam x Les Do Makeup Collabs!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest Les Do Makeup releases and don’t forget to bookmark this page for all the important updates so you never miss a collab! Missed out on our Les Do Makeup x LiveGlam collabs? Sign up to our LiveGlam Lippie Club and see why Leslie loves our lippie formula!

Or, sign up to our LiveGlam Eyeshadow Subscription Club, to see why the Les Do Makeup palette received such great reviews! 




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  • Placed my order!! Can't wait to try these beautiful colors! I selfishly tried to order 2 sets But! I got the message to share lol I'm already in love with Crystal, love me some nudes! Leslie absolutely picked amazing colors! I'm so excited for my lippies and for Leslie she's funny and cute or whateva!!

  • I love Leslie Quezada and her LesDoMakeup page. I watch her every week! I love your lippies! I love every single color you send me. Its great to get up to date colors that go with each season and they last all day! I am a subscriber because of Les. She is going places! I cant wait to see what else you all do together.

  • I want them

  • I can’t wait to get them! 💕

  • Got mine just in time. Love watching Les Quezada on her Les do Makeup page. Love the colors you picked. Congrats Baby Girl!!!

  • Can I go on a waiting list

  • First ive heard of liveglam! Will be getting junes and les lippies so I'm sure ill fall in love

  • I order mine just on time, can't wait to get them and show off!!!!!!!!!Only reason I subscribe here is because of Les.....

  • love you les can't wait to get my lippies!

  • So excited for Lexx! Can’t wait to get my Lippies

  • I’m late and I wanted them so bad but already sold out why

  • Can we order when they are back In stock?

  • I subscribed because of Les! Congratulations baby girl! LiveGlam made a great choice to collaborate with you.

  • Aww so happy for les.. however sad that not too many of us that have the subscription where able to first purchase her edition! 😫

  • Way to go for y'all's first collaboration!! What was set for 1 month lasted only 4hrs. Proud supporter of both LiveGlam &Les Do Makeup!! Much love!

  • So glad I was able to get a set ..congrats babygirl your going somewhere in life ! Hope to see another collab in the future hopefully soon 😉

  • Will yall restock Les do make up kiss me lippies

  • Awe man!! I didn't make it to Leslie's lippes on time. . i agree that alot of us who have rhe subscription for monthly lippes didn't get it.

  • Please restock😭😭😭💕

  • Will we be announced if more product arrives ? I’m sad it sold out so fast but happy for her of course 😘

  • I love Les! I watch her every week and I can’t wait to get my lippies!! I am so happy for her, she is so humble and cute or whateva!!

  • First of all, I am honored to have been able to support Les by subscribing... second of all, I hardly wear lipstick so now that i have these shades-- hide yo man, hide yo mama, and your baby brother 🤣🤣😂😂.

  • I need this in my life and I couldn’t get my claws on them 😭

  • les do Cakes now Les do make up! we graduated together and so proud of where she is going!! Go Rockets!!!

  • There will be more to buy in the future??? I didnt have the chance of buy it 😞😞😞😞

  • I can't wait to get my Les Do Makeup lippies the only reason I knew about the monthly subscription was due to her Les Quezada! Love my subscriptions and their products!

  • I’m so happy I got my hands on her lippie collab 💕

  • waiting on my lippies to arrive! i can't wait <3 love you Les

  • can't wait for my lippes to arrive! love you Les <3

  • Please restock so many of us didn’t get to order them 😩😩


  • are you guys restocking in this

  • Please restock!! Please Mr. Grinch, pleeeaassee!!

  • PLEASE RESTOCK. garantee it will SELL OUT again

  • Restocking??????

  • I absolutely love my lippies from Les do Makeup collab 💕💕 so grateful I got to purchase them😍

  • Sad that I was at work and didn't even know they had launched and by the time I did they had sold out 🙁... You definitely should bring them back... Happy for Leslie though 🙂

  • I just love them ❤️

  • Bring them back, so I can order, please!! & Thank You.

  • still waiting on restock :( i really want them

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  • Will you ever be restocking les lippies ?

  • Will these be in stock ever again

  • Will u ever be restocking les Lippies? Would love to have them.

  • I need a restock to happen! Started following her lives and she got me hooked on the lippies but wasn't a member when hers came I need a restock please! 💜😁

  • Hi! I just received my LOVE collection OMG I LOVE IT!!! With one coat and it stayed on almost all day I only had to do one touch up. And my goodness these colors are beautiful!! So worth it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Leslie is such an amazing person inside and out. Love all her make-up she collaborated with liveglam. Have both her lippie sets and palette. Love the colors she came up with. So beautiful. 😍💄🤗💕

  • I love all of her stuff.... Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please BRING BACK OH MARTHA.

  • Please restock Leslie’s (Les do makeup) 1st lippies. I want those lippies so badddd!!!! The colors look so bomb!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • I really want to buy the baby daddy lippies! Can i still purchase it?

  • I love her, I always watch her videos and lives and I get happy, emotional and I forget all my problems and frustration when I get out from work or doing something. I love her lippies and her pallette and clothing and hope that one day I would like to meet her 🤗🤗🤗 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

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