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    Last Call for the Perfect Blend with June LiveGlam MorpheMe

    Posted by LiveGlam on Jun 15, 2018

    Last Call for the Perfect Blend with June LiveGlam MorpheMe

    Start your day with the perfect blend of beans and brushes to fleek your face! Grab a cup o’ joe and get your hands on June LiveGlam MorpheMe brushes and your beat will be unstoppable! If you’re team don’t talk to me til I’ve got my face on and coffee in my blood, then our June brushes will be just the jolt you need to get your day going. You’ve got 7 days left to stock your arsenal with June MorpheMe– so don’t hit snooze, go get your brushes!

    Check out how you can get an unbeatable glow with June brushes in our How-To video:

    Don’t let your days start to lag- set your summer fleek strong with these Gold brushes from Morphe! This is the perfect set of brushes to transform your face into a bronzed masterpiece. You’ve got the Y7 buffer brush to throw on a nice, longwear summery foundation! You can also use this one to set your face with powder and blend out your cream contour- the cream you placed on your cheeks with the Y12! The Y12 is great for placing contour product on your cheeks and carving your nose out. Use the flat-top to carve your cheekbone then drag the brush upward to soften the edge, then blend it out with your Y7! Now use the Y1 brush (or Y7, whatever your prefer) to bake your face with a translucent loose powder or set your makeup with a waterproof pressed powder! You can bronze your face with the Y1, define your cheekbones some more, blush it up, and pop on your highlight- some versatility, ayy!

    Don’t sleep on these brushes- I know how tempting that “snooze” is! You’ve only got one week left to get your beat down with June MorpheMe.

    When you sign up for LiveGlam MorpheMe, you’ll be brushing up with a new blend every month. You’ll receive 3-8 authentic Morphe brushes in your subscription for $19.99! Membership comes with perks, too, where you can swap individual brushes or your whole set for something new, and pause on months you don’t need! Skip the snooze and grab your brushes today!

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    Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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