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Last Call for March 2018 MorpheMe!

Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 15, 2018

Last Call March 2018 LiveGlam MorpheMe

There’s been plenty of rain (and snow) this March to have you chasin’ rainbows looking for a pot of gold! Look no further, we’re here! Don’t wait til St. Patty’s Day, get lucky right now with LiveGlam MorpheMe March brushes!

You’ll know you’ve struck gold when you get your hands on these Rose Gold brushes this March. You’ve only got 7 days left to snag these super soft brushes!

Test your luck out and see how to get snatched with our March brushes here:

Irish or not, you’ll be feeling lucky af every time you fleek your face with these brushes! We wish you the best fortune, but don’t forget the gold is in your hands. These brushes have everything you need! You can use the R4 blush brush to powder your face, blend out a contour and pop on some blush.This angled brush is soft and fluffy and will work bomb with any of your powder products. Use the R3 pointed brush to carve out your contour and highlight your face! The R42 oval brush is the perfect little weapon for packing on shadow, cutting a crease, or anytime you want the pigment to pop on your lids! You can also use it to apply concealer or carve your brows, so you might want a few of these guys. The R33 blender is great for blending your shadows, applying primers, and blending concealer- you can really use it to, well, blend anything! One of my fave brushes to have at least 3-4 of just to blend all my blendy things!

Don’t miss out on this pot of Rose Gold brushes! You’ll feel lucky every time you carve out a sexy crease or get the perfect contour line-to-blend ratio. Sign up for LiveGlam MorpheMe today and you’ll be lucky everyday with new brushes every month. You can get 3-8 new Morphe brushes each month for $19.99! When you’re part of our brush club, you can even trade out months you don’t love or skip a month and save your dollars. Get the brushes that come with benefits, learn more here!

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