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Last Call for April LiveGlam MorpheMe Spring Fling!

Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 15, 2018

LiveGlam MorpheMe April 2018 - Last Call

Have a spring fling with our LiveGlam MorpheMe brushes- but don’t expect to fall out of love anytime soon! Grab our April brushes and blend your spring fling to a summer romance. If you’re hitting up any festivals this season, then you need to get your festival glam going the right way with our brushes! Our quadro of Elite and Rose gold will be your essentials- so grab them now! You’ve got 7 days left for April MorpheMe.

Grab some festival inspo with our April How To video!

Your spring fling will never end with these 4 brushes in your bag- you’ll be smitten for good! You can use the R2 Powder brush to set your face, blend out a smooth contour, or pop on some blush! This soft, fluffy brush has a tapered ferrule that gives it an oval shape which is perfect for versatility. If you wanna fleek your brow or add an eyeshadow-liner to the base of your lashes, grab the E11! You can use your E47 brush to place your highlighter and contour, and using a buffing brush to blend. Then grab your E17 brush to blend out your crease and smooth your eyeshadow transitions!

Don’t miss out on these 4 brushes that will take you heading towards a full flake of fleek this spring! Your festie season can’t be glamazing without your LiveGlam MorpheMe brushes! Sign up today and you’ll be feelin’ the love.

You can get 3-8 new Morphe brushes each month for $19.99! When you’re part of our brush club, you can even trade out months you don’t love or skip a month at no charge. Get the brushes that come with benefits, learn more here!

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