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June MorpheMe Brush Breakdown!

Posted by LiveGlam on May 23, 2017

June 2017 MorpheMe Brush Breakdown

You don’t have to go out to get gorge when you have June MorpheMe bringing the glam right to your door! We’ve got the perfect tools to get your glam night going. All you need are your makeup besties, snacks, and your favorite products to blend and buff.   This month you’ll be getting the M444 Deluxe Definition Buffer, M518 Crease Fluff, M496 Duo Lash Fan, and the M460 1 ½“ Flat Contour! Check out this bronzed soft glam look using June MorpheMe brushes.   But you know we’re gonna break it down for you here, too!

M444 Deluxe Definition Buffer

This is a superbly dense, large, synthetic buffing brush. It’s perfect to apply and blend your cream and liquid face makeup for a smooth and flawless finish! You can use it to dot your product all over your face, then use soft buffing motions or downward swipes to blend it! The density of the synthetic bristles won’t drink up all your product, either!

M518 Crease Fluff

Fluffy crease brushes are probably my favorite type of brush out there- especially when they’re soft, natural bristles like this one! This is a super versatile brush. You can basically use if for a complete eye look- pack on eyeshadow and blend it out. (just always be sure to remove excess product before blending!) You can also blend out your nose contour or highlight your whole face with this little guy! It’s great for a really bold pop of highlight.

M496 Duo Lash Fan

This teeny fan brush has sparse, stiff duo-fibre bristles! You can use it to apply mascara by coating the bristles in product and using the brush similarly to your mascara wand! You can even use cream or liquid liners for this if you’re in a pinch or wanna experiment with color. This is good for a light, natural coating. It’s a great way to work on clients in a sanitary manner, too! You can clean and disinfect the brush after each use. It’s also a fun tool if you like to experiment with textures!

M460 1 ½“ Flat Contour

This soft, natural hair brush can be used for cream or powder contours! Blend the product by applying it where you want the deepest tone, then lightly dragging it out towards a smooth, natural blend. Always remember- start with small amounts of product when adding contour; build to get your desired depth. You can also use this brush to add a bright highlight to your face and decolletage.   Get you glam night in started the right way with MorpheMe! Be sure to check the blog for some summer makeup inspo and more ways to use your June brushes! If you aren’t signed up for the MorpheMe brush club yet you can get your glam started today! It’s the world’s first monthly makeup brush subscription and you get $30+ of brushes every month for $19.99.

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  • Okay, let me get this straight? You give use the LE Gunmetal LGM1l flat contour brush in October that is supposed to be used more for cream contouring than powders. Then you also provide us with the R8 in April which can be used for both. Then we receive the G41 which is a mini flat contour brush for the month of May and now this M460 for June!!!! The brushes to choose from to trade I already own so I can't even do that either. I wish you could give us something like E31 or E6 for foundation or that we can trade our brushes for a month we might have missed and wanted to try but couldn't. I honestly was on a temporary break from MorpheMe due to lack of variety, but I truly regret not getting the brushes for the month of February because I found out too late which brushes they were and those look very unique compared to others I have in my collection and would love to trade for those someday.

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