How To Wear Glitter and Metallic During the Day

Posted by Gin Mabey on Apr 5, 2019

How to wear glitter and metallic during the day

Daytime Glitter and Metallic Looks

GLITTER! Sorry for yelling, but glitter makes everything loud and fun. Glitter doesn’t need to be reserved for festivals and late nights out, you can call on glitter for your everyday looks. Yup, bright, bold, harsh daylight. It’s all about the application…where you put it, how much you use, and what you pair it with. If glitter is too much for you, you can get the light-catching look by going for super-shiny metallic instead…less chunky but just as good.

Need some ideas on how to wear glitter and metallic makeup during the day? We got you! 

1. Glitter eye dot

If you have a really sturdy glitter glue (makeup glitter glue, that is) you can create a really precise, contained spot of glitter on the eye. Finish your usual eye makeup, preferably a natural-toned, understated look. Place a round dot of glitter glue onto the center of the lid, then press your glitter onto the glue and allow to set. Try your best to keep the glitter contained to that one spot. When you blink and move, your glitter dot will catch the light and sparkle like crazy, while the rest of your makeup remains subtle and gently sculpted. In terms of color…anything goes. Keep the rest of the makeup pared-down and everyday-chic!

How to wear glitter

2. Thin glitter line below the brow

This one’s a little more out there…but that’s why we love makeup, right? We can stretch the rules and be creative. If you have a glitter liquid eyeliner, draw a very thin line right along the bottom edge of your brows. This works especially well with a silver, gold or light bronze shade, but colors do work too. Keep the line as thin as you can and as close to the brow as you can. (Try Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner – $20).

3. Metallic lips with bare eyes

A shiny metallic lip looks amazing during the day when your eyes are a little more pared down…or a lot pared down. Find a full-on metallic gloss, lipstick or liquid lip (we love Champagne Kisses from our LiveGlam Lippie Club, KissMe!) and apply it over a matching lip liner. Keep the eyes bare with nothing but a wash of skin-matching shadow and lots of mascara. Bring warmth to the cheeks with blush and a little matte bronzer and you’re done.   

Metallic lipstick

4. All-over metallic eye wash

Metallic eye products look incredible, especially when washed over the entire lid, with nothing but mascara to accompany it. Use your finger to press and spread the color from the lashline to just above the crease and outward to create a slightly elongated shape. Blend, blend, blend the edges and leave it at that. Add mascara, gloss and a little sheen to the cheeks. (Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pots are gorgeous for this look – $22).

5. Inner corner glitter

If you have an eye-safe glitter and glue, or glitter liquid shadow, place it very precisely in your inner corner. Make it a small yet really concentrated spot of glitter so that it just sparkles and shines as it catches the light. Keep the rest of the eyes matte and sculpted but not color-focused. (Check out the Glitter Kits by Lit – $26. They come with a glitter glue and a choice from micro cut to large cut).


Don’t reserve your glitter and metallic products for when the sun goes down, use them every day. Pick an area of the face to enhance and add glitter and metal with a precise hand and keep everything else clean and fresh. Make sure you use a glitter glue with loose glitter, or a glitter liquid to ensure you don’t end up with glitter falling all over your face throughout the day.

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