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how to wear bold lipstick without eye makeup


How To Wear Bold Lipstick and No Eye Makeup

Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 25, 2021

One of the freshest, most modern ways to embrace a bold lip is to leave the rest of the face simple and clean. In fact, leaving the eyes almost untouched lets your natural beauty shine while letting those bold kissers really pop.

Here’s how to wear bold lipstick and no eye makeup. Easy, fast, sleek, and stunning. 

how should you wear bold lipstick colors with no eye makeup

Create an even base 

One of the most important factors in the “bold lip/bare eyes” look is a fresh and even canvas. This doesn’t mean you need a thick layer of full-coverage foundation! It just means that when the skin tone is uniform and the texture is reasonably even, the look looks more cohesive.

Achieve this with these easy steps:

  • Cleanse and moisturize (um, clearly)
  • I add a tinted sunscreen that simply evens the skin tone without adding coverage
  • I dab concealer under the eyes, around the nose, and over any redness or discoloration
  • I take either a sponge or dense brush and pat the concealer into the skin until it is seamless
  • I take a translucent powder over the areas where I concealed and over any particularly oily patches such as the nose

how should i wear bold lipstick colors with no eye makeup

Even out the lids 

While we aren’t adding an elaborate eye look, it still pays to cancel out any redness, veins, or oiliness on the lids. This makes your lashes pop and further pushes that clean, sleek aesthetic. 

All I do is pat MAC Paint Pot over the entire lid and leave it at that. (My shade is Painterly but yours might be darker or lighter). You can also use a thick concealer and set it with powder or skin-matching eyeshadow. OR, you can use your tinted eyeshadow primer/base. 

bold lipstick with no eye makeup

Lash it…in moderation 

To me, mascara is ESSENTIAL, it doesn’t even count as makeup because it is part of me. 

If this look is for a special occasion, then a few wispy falsies (individual ones) added to the outer lashes would be stunning. Otherwise, just apply a coat or two of mascara to the upper lashes. If you are used to applying mascara to the lower lashes then do so! However, I keep mine clear as I always find myself with a smudgy panda situation. 

tips for wearing bold lipstick with no eye makeup

Take your time with the lips 

Time for the main event, the lips!

Remember, bold doesn’t always mean bright. It can mean deep plum, rich nude, or terracotta brown. What’s more, it doesn’t always mean opaque matte…it can be latex-like gloss or frosted metallic. 

Because this is the focal point of the look, it’s worth taking a little extra time to ensure the shape and texture are perfect. 

Here’s what to do: 

  • Take a matching (or close enough) lip pencil and outline the shape of the lips, slightly overdrawing to add depth. 
  • I take my liquid or bullet lippie and press, right from the wand or bullet, into the center of the lip and use my finger or a brush to spread out, careful not to go outside the line I have just drawn
  • I take a tissue and press my lips onto it to remove any excess color, then apply another thin layer of lipstick. This method helps with longevity but it also adds an extra layer of “insurance” to keep that color opaque and bold. 

tip for wearing bold lipstick colors and no eyeshadow

Double-up your lipstick and use as cheek color 

A fast and easy way to create a cohesive look is to simply take a little of your lip color and press into the cheeks (as long as it’s not a wacky color like green, blue, or black!). 

If you are wearing a red, pink, or peachy lip color, simply take a tiny bit of color on your finger and press into the cheeks, building up as required.

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