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How To Use a Lip Crayon

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How To Use a Lip Crayon

Posted by LiveGlam on Sep 30, 2019

So, you finally know the top reasons to use a lip crayon, but you’re still not quite sure how to start perfecting your pout? No worries, we’re teaching you how to use a lip crayon so you can elevate your beauty game and cut your beauty routine in half (count us in!). The fuss-free and simple application of these chubby sticks will have you running to sign up to our LiveGlam Lippie Club, to get your hands on our brand new lip crayon from our October Collection!

What Is a Lip Crayon?

A lip crayon is usually a tinted balm or lipstick that comes in a super adorable crayon form. Like lipsticks, lip crayons come in many, many different formulas and finishes like matte, glossy, metallic etc. Sounds a lot like a lipstick so, what is the difference between lip crayons and lipsticks? 

How to use a lip crayon


Lip crayons tend to be a lot easier to use and are very fool-proof because you can get lots of precision (literally takes like 2 seconds). The pointed tip on a lip crayon allows you to easily line and fill in your lips, as opposed to lipsticks where you will also need a lip liner to line precisely. Extra steps? We don’t know her!


Lipsticks tend to leave excess product, but lip crayons will apply flawlessly without having to add too much product as they disperse less product making it mess-free, unlike lipsticks where things can get messy… real quick!


Since lip crayons are so precise and easy to apply, you can apply them a whole lot faster than your traditional lipstick. Just twist to reveal more product, line and fill! 

How To Use a Lip Crayon?

Our LiveGlam Lippie Club 2019 October Collection features a new lip crayon and we’re so excited for you to swipe this baby on your pout so we’re showing you how to apply a lip crayon and how you can use a lip crayon on your whole face… obviously not as foundation, duh!

best lip crayon


  1. Make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized before applying any product. We don’t want any cracked or crusty lips!
  2. Line your lips using the pointed tip of your LiveGlam lip crayon.
  3. Hold the angled edge of the crayon tip flat against your lips to fill in your pout.
  4. Pucker up because you’re ready to go!

Make it monochromatic! 

Want some more lip crayon action and a lil’ monochromatic moment? Are you in a time pinch and need a one-and-done product? Use a lip crayon on your whole face!


  1. After you’ve applied your foundation, use your lip crayon to dot some product on your cheeks.
  2. Using a beauty sponge, or your fingers, blend out the product for a flush of color!
  3. Repeat the steps on your eyes for a more dramatic look. 

best lip scrub

Now that you know how to use a lip crayon sign up to our LiveGlam Lippie Club, to get your hands on our October 2019 lippie Collection that features a gorgeous new lip crayon! As a member, you’ll receive 3 new exclusive lip products delivered to your every month for just $19.99! You’ll love our vegan, cruelty-free and long-lasting formulas.

Join Lippie Club here!

Are there any steps we’re missing that we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments!




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