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How to Transition Your Makeup Bag From Winter to Spring


How to Transition Your Makeup Bag From Winter to Spring

Posted by Sally O'Kelly on Mar 20, 2018

The nights are getting lighter, the blossom is forming, and finally, things are hotting up a little. Spring is well and truly on its way! Before we know it, we will bathing in the hot summer sun but for now, we’ll take anything after a long and hard winter! It won’t just be the bobble hats and thick knitted scarves that we are packing under our bed for a few months but it’s also that time when we retire some of our makeup and switch things up for the changing season.

Transitioning your makeup from winter to spring not only ensures you are keeping up with your changing skin but is also a fun way to keep things looking fresh and adding heaps of inspiration to your beauty routine. Today we are sharing some of our lovely tips on the few changes you can make to your makeup bag to guarantee you are spring-ready over the upcoming weeks.

Listen to your skin

Before we get to makeup, the best way to ensure you have a flawless complexion is to focus on your skincare routine and whilst you may have a few exfoliators and cleansers you love in winter, they may not suit your spring and summer skin. Skin in winter typically becomes drier and more dehydrated but as the weather warms up it’s time to swap out those heavy moisturizers and start using lighter hydrators and even more SPF. Pay attention to your changing skins needs as you’ll soon notice that products weren’t working as well as they were a few months back. Having a different winter, spring, summer, and fall skincare routine is one of the best ways you can tackle any skincare concerns head-on.

Swap your foundation for a lightweight base

In winter, we tend to gravitate towards fuller coverage foundations but as spring rolls around it’s time to ditch the heavy bases in favor of lightweight BB and CC creams and tinted moisturizers. As you come out of hibernation, let your skin breath and enjoy the fresh air of spring with lighter formulations for a sunkissed look and feel.

Keep your makeup light

Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings so it’s time to say goodbye to the dark berry lips and copper eyeshadows and start embracing some lighter shades and lighter finishes. Soft peaches and pinks are basically made for springtime and will look gorgeous whether you wear them as pops of blusher, on the lips or even going full out pastel on the eyes. If you want to rock light and pretty makeup, spring is the time to do it.

Bring back the bronzer

Whilst most of us tone down the bronzer in the winter months, others completely ditch it or have been favoring the more fashionable contour. Bronzing is a great way to lightly tan your skin for a healthier and sunkissed look. Whilst contour may give you those killer cheekbones, bronzing will give you that youthful girl-next-door look that just looks perfect in springtime. Sure, try both at the same time, but don’t abandon the radiant shimmery bronzer as it will do wonders for brightening your complexion.

All about the glow

Strobing, highlighters, illuminators and radiance have been the buzzwords of the beauty industry for the past few years and things aren’t slowing down for spring 2018. Keep your makeup as glowy and dewy as possible if you want to not only embrace the trends but enjoy a youthful-looking and healthy complexion.

What are your top tips for transitioning your makeup bag from winter to spring?


Sally O'Kelly

Sally O'Kelly

Sally O’Kelly is a London-based beauty blogger with a serious passion for all things cosmetics. From berry lips and cleansing balms to sea salt sprays and contour palettes, Sally has tried it all and picked up some great tips for fellow makeup enthusiasts along the way.

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