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how to take care of your skin in your 20's and 30's

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How to Take Care of Your Skin As You Age

Posted by Gin Mabey on Jan 10, 2019

How to Take Care of Your Skin in your teens, 20’s, and 30’s!

I was out browsing the drugstore makeup rows with my Mum, and I picked up a glittery, double-ended liquid eyeshadow. “I love this!”, I said as I swatched it on my hand. “Pretty…not for me though, I’m a bit old for that”. It really made me think. In fact, it bothered me to think that a cool lady like my Mum would feel as though her age was a barrier to fun makeup choices.

So… to what extent should our age influence our beauty choices? Or should it at all?

My answer? Yes and no. Yes, age should influence how you treat your skin, and NO, age should not influence how you choose to do your makeup, as long as you’re comfortable and happy. There are certain things you can do to make your makeup routine suit the changes your life goes through as the decades pass, but they are by no means rules.

Here’s a quick guide for how to adjust your beauty routine to make the most of your teens, 20’s, and 30’s. 

1. In your teens

Get into a good habit of cleansing and moisturizing your skin every morning and evening. For normal skin without acne or blemishes, you can use a gentle cleanser to remove surface dirt and a light moisturizer. Use a sunscreen EVERY DAY. if you start caring for your skin and protecting it from the sun in your teens, you are giving yourself the most amazing head start for healthy, fresh skin for decades to come.

how to take care of teenage skin

For acne-prone skin, use a cleanser with salicylic acid or tea tree, and always replenish the skin’s moisture with a moisturizing lotion or cream. If you’re suffering from acne, it always pays to check with your doctor about how to treat it, as sometimes it’s a bigger issue than simply skin deep. They might discuss medication or topical treatments with you, which require proper medical advice.

In terms of makeup…anything goes! Your skin is so supple and young that you can get away with anything. Have fun with colors and textures, but avoid using heavy foundations and powders as you risk clogging the pores of your youthful skin. Glitter, metallics, bright lips, bright liners… just have fun.

2. In your 20’s

First of all, keep up with your sun protection, always. It’s time to add an eye cream and an extra layer of moisture at night if you have dry skin. An eye cream will help the delicate skin around your eyes to remain supple, moisturized, and elastic. Your 20s are often a time of late nights, studying, and overindulging. You need to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated to make up for any questionable choices you’re bound to make! Use a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and SPF in the morning. Use a cleanser, toner, oil or serum, and eye cream at night. Remember to remove your makeup at the end of the night no matter how tired or…tipsy you are.

skincare for your 20's

What about makeup? There are still no set rules. But you’re probably in the professional world by now, either working as you study or full time in the “rat race”. You’ll need long-lasting makeup to last the long work day, so it’s time to use a primer and a good setting spray. Don’t be afraid to wear bright makeup. I think that if anyone raises their eyebrows at a woman for wearing bold makeup in the workplace then it’s their problem, not hers. But you can do it subtly so it still looks fresh and your natural beauty shows through. Wear a dewy foundation with a wash of pale color on the lids, but pack a punch with a vibrant lip shade. Or go for a nude lip and pair it with a graphic eyeliner look, or even a pop of bright eyeshadow.

3. In your 30’s: 

Continue with your daily SPF, cleanser, serum, moisturizer and eye cream. You might want to add a richer night cream if you’re finding that your skin is becoming dryer over the years. For oilier skin, keep it clean and properly moisturized with light yet nourishing creams. Treat yourself to a facial treatment every month or so (if your budget allows), or use a hydrating mask each week to boost moisture. When buying skin care products, now’s the time to look for “anti-aging” on the label. This is because your skin is starting to lose collagen production and you need little assistance to keep the skin firm and supple.

skincare for your 30's

Your makeup routine might have taken backstep with the addition of a baby, or an accelerated professional life. You may find yourself having to backtrack and simplify your routine in order to get it done in good time, while still looking put together and chic.

Hone in on a few favorite base products which work with your skin tone and type, and treat yourself. An expensive foundation, concealer, and powder will pay off in the long run as you won’t be constantly shopping around to find your holy grail products. Add a blush, a small eye palette, and a flattering lip color to the collection and you’ll have a fabulous capsule collection to turn to every day. For a brighter, bolder look, use a long-wearing, bright liner close to the lashline and avoid placing bright shadows near the crease or the outer corner. A bright liner will stay all day, without creasing or creating a smudgy mess by the end of the day.


Remember that proper skin care isn’t so you can look 20 for your whole life, it’s so you can enjoy healthy skin and make the most of your natural beauty as you age. Makeup is to enhance what you were born with and to express yourself with color, texture, and shape. As long as you are happy and healthy, then there really are no beauty rules. Do what makes you happy, and make your beauty routine work for you and your lifestyle, not for anyone else or to suit anyone else’s beauty standards.


Gin Mabey

Gin Mabey

Gin is a beauty enthusiast with a passion for makeup she's had since kindergarten when she would raid her Mum's makeup drawer. When she's not playing with new products and writing about makeup, she's a theatre actress, director and producer.

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