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How To Pick The Right Lipstick Shade For Your Outfit


How To Pick The Right Lipstick Shade For Your Outfit

Posted by LiveGlam on Jan 13, 2022

You’re getting ready in the morning, your outfit is perfection, head to toe. Your base and eyeshadow are sitting just right, and your hair is doing exactly what it should. Time for lips…but what color should you choose? 

No, it’s not rocket science nor is it lifesaving stuff, but it’s a little moment in your day that can bring some creativity, color, and cohesion. Here’s how to pick the right lipstick shade for your outfit!

What does your day hold?

Put aesthetics aside for a moment and consider what type of day is ahead. Are you rushing off to multiple meetings, each with coffee and pastries? In that case, a subtler shade with a forgiving formula is best. You don’t want to be chatting to the CEO while hoping like hell your bright red lippie hasn’t migrated to places it shouldn’t. Instead, a my-lips-but-better, a nude, or a subtle pink may be better. Plus, these shades go with almost any outfit color. You can quickly reapply without a mirror between appointments. 

Something like ‘Flutter’ can be pressed onto the lips and gently blended out with a finger. Done!  

On the flipside, you may be off for a long-awaited coffee date with a friend in the park on a beautiful day off work. Afterward, you’re getting groceries for a cocktail night at yours. You’re feeling fun and bright, with your favorite jeans and a relaxed cream linen shirt and ankle boots. Add color to match your mood and lift neutral colors. My current favorite is ‘Mykonos Mood’, the prettiest fuchsia.

What can you handle today?

Look, some lipsticks are just high maintenance. Even if your day is looking pretty chilled, you may not feel up to checking, reapplying, and maintaining a bold, dark, or bright lip. Make life easier for yourself and go for a neutral or subtle pink balm like the Total Balmshell Tinted Lip Balm in ‘Shnooks’

Go matchy-matchy

Creating a cohesive color palette is satisfying and gives the sense of real “put-togetherness”. A great way to do this is to match your lippie to a particular tone in your outfit. For example, you may choose a cherry-red summer dress. Bring out the hue by choosing a bold red lippie with the same undertone. If your outfit consists of peachy-nude tones, “Royalty” would be a fabulous choice.

Or, you might match your lips to your shoes and/or handbag. Some may say it’s a little preppy and even 1950s housewife in style…and they’d be right! It’s fun to go a little OTT with our styling here and there, so go ahead and ham it up. 

Create the perfect clash 

If your mood is a little more eclectic and rebellious, go for a clashing effect by pairing two opposing shades together. For example, let’s say you’ve chosen blue jeans, a navy blazer, and a white cami. Clash those blues by choosing a bright orange or tangerine lip. My pick would be ‘Crush’, the fizziest, most in-ya-face orange ever. 

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