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how to make you lipstick last all day


How To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

Posted by LiveGlam on Jul 23, 2021

Can we tell you something? We don’t mind if our lipstick fades because we love applying our lippie throughout the day. It makes us feel fancy with our hand mirror and gleaming products. 

In saying that…on days when we simply don’t have the time for such leisurely makeup pursuits, a lipstick that stays put is a practical must-have. 

Here’s what you can do to make my lipstick last all day (or close to it). 

Use a long-wear liner 

make lipstick stay on all day

Not everyone wants to wear very long-wearing lipsticks, especially those with dry lips. A great compromise is to wear a long-wearing liner paired with a creamier lipstick. The lip liner acts as the fortress, holding down the shape and color of the lips, while the lipstick brings the texture and extra hue. 

LiveGlam lip liners are incredibly long-wearing and pigmented but are not drying, (oh, and they’re a steal). Line and fill in the entire lip with liner, then use a creamy bullet lipstick to add hydration, a slight sheen, and a more life-like texture. 

Dab the lips with a tissue after applying the lipstick to remove any excess. By slightly reducing the emollience of the lipstick you are reducing the risk of the liner breaking down or slipping as you eat, drink, and talk. 

Double-up on the layers and blot in between 

ways to make your lipstick last all day

When wearing bullet lippies, an easy way to up the staying power is to apply multiple thin layers, blotting in between. One thick layer will only smudge, migrate, and wear away as soon as it gets the chance. However, when you apply light layers and remove the excess each time, the color gets “pressed” into the skin for a longer-lasting performance. 

Use translucent powder 

tricks to make you lipstick last all day

This is a good old trick and turns out it’s a legitimate hack used by makeup artists. Translucent powder sets lipstick just like it sets foundation and concealer, locking the product in for longer. 

The trick is to use a tissue as a barrier between your lips and the powder. 

After you’ve applied your liner and lipstick, place a tissue in between your lips (like you’re about to blot them) and dust the tissue with powder. Remove the tissue and voila, fortified lipstick! 




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