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how to make small eyes bigger makeup tips


How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Posted by LiveGlam on May 06, 2021

Small, twinkly eyes (that sparkle as you smile) are absolutely beautiful. However, sometimes we want to maximize our small peepers and make them a little larger, just like we may want sharper brows or plumper lips from time to time. This is easily done as makeup, oh how we love it, is a master of illusion. Here’s how to make small eyes look bigger. 

Try undefined shadow placement and hazy blending 

makeup tip for making your eyes look bigger

Sharp, defined lines create a defined surface area and can make the eyes seem smaller by drawing the eye to the sharp lines. This is great for artistic, graphic shapes that contort the shape of the eye. However, this approach can make the eye appear smaller. Instead, use a fluffy brush to apply your transition and crease shadows in a hazy, blurred, and romantic manner. 

Blend your shadows just above the crease toward the brow, and extend them out toward the outer corner of the eye. Make sure the edges are as soft as possible, then buff a light application under the lower lash lines. This technique increases the amount of surface area defined around the eye, creating the illusion of a larger area. 

Avoid harsh, too-dark, or too-thick liner 

tips for making small eyes look bigger with makeup

Very dark, thick, and harsh liner creates a definite outline of the eye, further enhancing the small size. Instead, buff your liner with a stubby brush so that it softens out and appears more hazy than sharp. Or, use a dark matte eyeshadow and press into the lash line with an angled liner brush. This will enhance the eyes and make the lashes appear thicker without “boxing” the eye in. 

If you do want to try a sharp or defined liner, try a liquid liner that starts nearer the middle of the lash line as opposed to the inner corner. Extend the liner into a wing at the outer corner to draw the eye outward. 

Use light and shade 

how to make small eyes appear bigger with makeup

Give the eyes more size and dimension by using light and shade in strategic areas. I like to press a cream shadow in a neutral (for my skin tone) shade all over the lid and above the crease. Then, I take a slightly deeper shadow and buff it into and just above the crease and into the outer V. This makes my eye socket and lid look bigger than what they are if I simply followed the crease. 

Next, I pop a pale, shimmery shade onto the center of the lid, in the inner corner, and on the brow bone. This addition of shimmery light adds dimension without lines or sharp edges. This look is romantic, dreamy, and flattering on all eyes, especially wee ones. 

Leave the lower waterline alone 

how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup

One of the best tips is to keep those dark liners well away from the lower waterline! Lining the waterline creates smaller, more sultry eyes that appear more cat-like than big and round (both are lovely). Instead, add a flesh-colored cream liner to the waterline to brighten and widen the eye, and buff a neutral shadow or bronzer beneath the lash line. 

Try some wispy outer lashes 

making your eyes look bigger with makeup

A little hint of false lashes can go a long way to make your eyes larger and more lush. Instead of a whole row which can make the eyes a little boxy and overly defined, stick to the outer corner. 

Soft, wispy lashes at the outer top corner of the eyes draw the eye outward and upward and are the perfect finishing touch to any look. We love the LiveGlam Forbes List faux mink lashes as they’re super soft, delicate, and natural with varied lash lengths. You can take a pair of nail scissors and snip a wee bit of the inner corner off (keep the parts you chop as you can use those later!). 




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