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How To Keep Your Lips Hydrated All Winter Long


How To Keep Your Lips Hydrated All Winter Long

Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 19, 2020

Winter might just be the most romantic of all seasons. Cozy nights in, tactile fabrics, sultry colors. However, something that’s not so romantic? Dry lips. 

When the cold and wind whips the moisture right out of our kissers, sore, dry, and flaky lips ensue. 

For us lipstick lovers, this really messes with our pucker plans. The great news is that there are many ways to keep our lips moisturized in winter.

Without further ado…the best ways to keep your lips soft, supple, and moisturized in the winter. 

Scrub away dry skin 

That dry, flaky skin has got to go! Reveal the soft layers underneath with an effective-yet-gentle lip scrub. 

tips to keeping lips hydrated in winter

LiveGlam has a trio of incredible lip scrubs in the form of a handy, mess-free pencil. The Mint To Be lip scrub uses sugar to gently buff away dry skin, mango butter to nourish, and jojoba oil to soften and hydrate. 

If you’re in the mood for a whole new winter lip wardrobe, you can grab the lip scrub and a bunch of gorgeous colors in the Ultimate Lip Kit. 

how can you keep your lips hydrated in winter

Keep a soothing balm on hand at all times 

A protective barrier between your lips and the elements is a crucial way to prevent dry winter lips. It not only helps your lips to look and feel more moisturized, but it will ensure that wind and cold temperatures don’t steal moisture. 

The LiveGlam Total BalmShell lip balms are soft, subtly tinted, and feel incredible on the lips. 

lip balm to keep lips hydrated in winter

Make the most of your serums 

If you religiously pat hyaluronic acid or squalane serum onto your face daily, don’t skip the lips. Rub a little onto your lips morning and night before applying your balms, color, or lip mask. Just make sure it is fragrance-free and gentle, preferably a 100% hyaluronic acid or squalane formula. 

Choose hydrating lip colors

While we love long-wearing liquid lippies around here, they’re not always the best during those icy winter days. To avoid the crusty-lip look, go for a hydrating bullet lipstick layered over a balm. 

If you can’t part from your favorite liquid lip colors, you can use them in conjunction with a hydrating balm. Simply dab a wee bit of color onto balmy lips and blend in.

ways to keep your lips hydrated during winter

Grab Some Gloss

Give your pout an instant glow with a high-shine clear gloss like Dandelion! While wearing the wrong lippie can actually make your lips more chapped, this paraben-free, vegan gloss is total #ShineGoals. If you don’t want to skimp on that va-va-voluptuous look and give your chapped lips some love, apply balm before topping with gloss. 

best ways to keep your lips hydrated in the winter

However, you needn’t splash the cash if you don’t want to. You can create a mixture of your favorite oils and apply before bed to create a custom sleeping mask. For example, a drop of hyaluronic acid with a drop of rosehip oil. 

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