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How to Fix Dried Out Liquid Lipstick


How to Fix Dried Out Liquid Lipstick

Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 10, 2020

How to Fix Dried Out Liquid Lipstick

Imagine reaching for your all-time favorite liquid lipstick only to open it and find a dry, chunky, mess inside the tube. Don’t cry and say your farewells just yet because we have some tips on how you can fix dried out liquid lipstick and bring that lippie back from the afterlife. We’ve got you and your lippies’ back, sis!

Fix Dried Out Liquid Lipstick

Applying a super dry liquid lipstick is the literal worst! It’s not a good look and it feels so uncomfortable to be slaying about your day with the world’s driest and flakiest lips. We love liquid lipsticks because they provide a smooth AF application, crisp and clean lines, and they don’t dry out your lips BUT when your lipstick starts drying out, these are nearly impossible! Avoid tossing out your must-have lippie by trying these quick fixes.

Warm Water

The first hack for dried up liquid lipstick is to place your liquid lipstick tube in hot water for about 10-15 minutes. Don’t submerge the cap to avoid getting any water inside the tube that can potentially ruin your liquid lipstick! Placing it in hot water will help warm up the product and loosen it up a little and help it go on as smooth as butter.

Inglot Duraline

If the first tip for reviving dried up liquid lipsticks didn’t really do the trick, we’re positive this one will! Inglot’s Duraline will be your BFF for rehydrating your dried out liquid lipsticks. This product is a transparent liquid that will prolong a makeup product’s durability without ruining the formula like typical fixes will (alcohol, aloe vera gel, vaseline, etc).

Inglot Duraline

Yes, it sounds amazing (because it is) but you need to be careful with how much you add into your liquid lipstick. Add too much and your lipstick won’t dry down anymore or you’ll end up with a super runny mess! The trick is to add drop by drop until your liquid lipstick starts lookin’ normal. Remember to shake the bottle instead of mixing with the wand so you don’t get excess air into the tube! Voíla, your liquid lipstick will go on so smooth like nothing ever happened.

Prevent Your Liquid Lipstick from Drying Out

Nobody wants their liquid lippies to dry out, so here’s how to prevent it! The best way to keep your liquid lipstick from drying out and getting chunky is to make sure you’re closing them all the way after you use them. OH, and make sure you buy quality liquid lipsticks that have a better shelf life, like our KissMe lippies! 

Keep Liquid Lipstick From Drying Out Your Lips

After you’ve revived your liquid lipstick, its time to prep those lips to keep liquid lipstick from drying out your lips! Grab your “Hey Sugar” lip scrub and get to buffing that dead skin off. Follow up with your fave lip balm, “Lickable” and then once that’s absorbed into your lips you can start applying your liquid lipstick!

LiveGlam Lip Products

We hope these tips on how to keep liquid lipstick from drying out help you out next time one of your lippies is going through it! Now, it’s time for you to stock up on some new lippies that won’t betray you and dry up. Sign up to our LiveGlam Lipstick Subscription Club, KissMe, where you’ll receive 3 exclusive lip products delivered straight to your door for only $19.99 a month (and free shipping in the U.S.)! Who doesn’t love new lippies?!

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Let us know in the comments if you’ll be trying these tips next time one of your liquid lipsticks dries up! 

Stay Glam!




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