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How to Create a Reverse Cat Eye Look


How to Create a Reverse Cat Eye Look

Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 11, 2022

Makeup trends come and go, but some really make us sit up and listen. The reverse cat eye has charmed the TikTok’ers, grammers, and ‘tubers across the beauty-verse, and we can see why! By placing that thick, dramatic winged line along the lower lash, the look takes on even more drama and an editorial aesthetic. The reversal of the line creates a super feline, slinky shape to the eye, perfect for high-profile nights out.

Here’s how to create a reverse cat eye! Check out our TikTok demo to get the visuals.

What you’ll need:

  1. Your choice of matte or satin eyeshadow. Any deeper color works! I love to use the warm shades Camera and Glamazing in the Glammer palette.
  2. Eyeliner that’s suitable for the waterline
  3. An eyeshadow base or neutral eyeshadow
  4. Mascara
  5. A stubby, angled eyeshadow brush like this one
  6. Concealer for tidying

The method:

  1. Prep the upper lid with an eyeshadow base or neutral cream or powder shadow
  2. Draw your liner along the lower waterline making sure to extend it to the inner and outer corners. Don’t worry about being super tidy!
  3. Take your eyeshadow color of choice on your stubby brush and use small strokes to draw along the lower lash line
  4. Extend the color into the inner corner as though it is starting from the very innermost part of the upper lid. Create a soft wing shape
  5. Extend the color to create a wing at the outer corner, angling upward
  6. Use your concealer and a flat concealer brush or angled liner brush to clean and sharpen those inner and outer wings
  7. Add your mascara and/or lashes and you’re done!

Tip: For extra dimension, you could add a teeny sweep of shadow through the upper crease. However, I think the look looks best when the upper lid is clean, with a sculpted brow and lots of lashes. This way, the drama of that reverse wing is all the more eye-catching.




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