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how to achive the perfect matte lip look


How To Apply Matte Liquid Lipstick

Posted by LiveGlam on Jan 20, 2021

For anyone used to balms, glosses, and high-shine lipstick, matte formulas may feel like the forbidden land. Matte lipsticks can cop a bit of flack at times, touted as drying and uncomfortable. Ah, but times have changed. Modern matte lipsticks are delightfully comfortable and offer saturated color no other lippie can offer. Now that our matte lipstick Tinder profile is well and truly written, let’s discuss how to wear matte lipstick to reap the benefits. 

Prep the lips

how to use matte liquid lipstick

Sometimes we have to work for our beauty. Not really…but a bit of prep goes a long way when it comes to matte lipstick formulas. If you painted over a grainy, peeling wall, the dried result would be grainy and dry, no? Treat your matte lippie the same. 

  • Scrub your lips to remove any dead skin and reveal the soft layers below. The Sugar Baby lip scrub is a lifesaver, with no need to dig around in an unsanitary little jar
  • Apply a light layer of balm as you do the rest of your makeup or hair. This will hydrate the lips and plump those top layers 

Line the lips

how to apply matte lipstick

This step is optional, but it can enhance the longevity and aesthetic of your matte lipstick in many ways. A pencil liner can help to perfect your lip shape before you add the opaque matte color. Plus, it adds an additional layer of pigment for extra mileage between re-applications. 

A pencil liner is easy to use, even for beginners, as you can use a light hand to sketch the shape of your lips. A light hand means you can clean up any out-of-the-box lines easily and without mess. Going straight in with your matte lippie does increase room for error, and it’s a bit of a pain to clean up. 

  • Pick a liner pencil that matches your matte lipstick (or as close as possible)
  • Make sure the pencil is very sharp!
  • Gently sketch the edge of your lips with light, feathery strokes. Use a q-tip to quickly wipe away any errors
  • Once the shape is perfected, go in with a heavier hand to solidify the shape 
  • If you don’t have a liner pencil, use a thin pencil brush dipped in your matte lipstick. Use this to create your lip shape 

Apply Your Favorite Matte Lippie 

Either use a lippie brush or go straight in with the bullet or applicator. Start in the center of the lips and cover the largest areas first. Press your lips together to “stretch” the color toward the edges of the lips. Use a little brush, your finger, or the tip of the bullet or applicator to bring the color to the edge. 

Soften The Edges 

matte lipstick dos and donts

Grab a clean tissue, pop it between your lips, and press them together. This will remove any excess that can potentially sneak outside the lines. Make sure there’s no build-up of color on the inner part of your lips as it will surely end up on your teeth! Use a concealer brush with a little concealer to tidy any edges and perfect your lip shape.

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