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Fun Lip Looks to Try with LiveGlam KissMe Lippies

Posted by Lanie Edwards on Nov 6, 2017

Fun Lip Looks to Try with LiveGlam KissMe Lippies

Halloween may be over, but having fun with makeup never stops.

While you’re probably used to throwing on one shade of your LiveGlam KissMe Lippies and heading out the door, check out these unique ways to switch up your lip look for a fun occasion!

1. Drip Lips

Time to get artsy! Add some cool drips to your lips for a certified head-turner. For this look, grab a deep plum shade like Bestie from our LiveGlam Lippie Club, KissMe, and apply it on your bottom lip. Next, take Soulmate from our November Collection, apply it to your top lip and add 5 drips to your bottom lip using your MorpheMe E19 Pointed Lip brush from our LiveGlam Brush Club. For the finishing touch, use a white eyeliner and apply it to each drip to make it come to life!

2. Heart Lips

Channel your inner Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland and rock a heart on your lips. This look is very simple to do and will put a smile on everyone’s face! All you’ll need is our KissMe shades in Soulmate and Girlfriend from our November Collection.

Apply Soulmate all over your lips as you normally would. Next, grab your E19 brush and paint a pretty little heart in the middle of your pout. Now go out and spread some love!

3. Geometric Lips

I personally wasn’t the best at geometry, but I can draw a good triangle. Start by taking a purple lippie, such as Berry from our August Collection, and draw a triangle in the middle of your lips. Next, fill in the sides with 2 other colors of your choice for a fun color-blocking look. I used Soulmate from our November Collection, and Pink Cherry from August. The August Collection is available for trade, as well as on our Rewards page! Access both of these options through your Dashboard.

4. Shimmer Lips

Lastly, for a super simple and glamorous way to switch up your lips, add some shimmer! Take your KissMe lippie in Girlfriend and a gold liquid highlighter. After applying your lippie, lightly apply the highlight and blend it into the middle of your pout using your finger until you reach your desired, mesmerizing look.

Let us know what your favorite lip look is in the comments down below! Also, be sure to check out our LiveGlam Lippie Club, KissMe, to get 3 new gorgeous shades delivered straight to your door for just $19.99 a month. You can trade, skip, or cancel at any time, and you never get the same shade twice! Learn more about the world’s first liquid lippie club here.

Stay glam!


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