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    Glossy Lids How – To and Beautiful Inspiration from Celebs

    Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 18, 2017

    Glossy Lids How – To and Beautiful Inspiration from Celebs

    There’s a new eye makeup trend popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest, and it features dream-like glossy lids. If you haven’t come across the glossy lid look yet, basically it looks like your eyelids are shiny and even a tad wet. Definitely a more glam makeup idea, glossy lids can also really amp up an everyday look.

    To achieve this fun and creative take on eyeshadow, you’re going to have to ask your beauty products to work double-time. It’s not uncommon to use a makeup for other uses besides what it’s intended for (i.e. eyeshadow as a highlighter), so we don’t expect you to raise your perfectly shaped eyebrows when we tell you how to get shimmering glossy lids.

    How to Get Gorgeous Glossy Lids

    Step 1: Apply shimmery eyeshadow.

    Either metallic or shimmery eyeshadow works, just keep in mind that the finer the shimmer, the glossier it will look. Do not use glitter eyeshadow–save the sparkle for another time. Although any eyeshadow formula works for this, gel, cream, and liquid eyeshadows work best for that stylish wet look you want.

    Step 2: Gloss it up!

    Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for. To give your lids a glossy look, you literally use a lip gloss and apply it with an eyeshadow brush. Preferably something light so that it’s not sticky–seriously, you don’t want sticky eyelids–and be sure to skip the crease. Skipping the crease will also battle against sticky eyelids, and people won’t really notice the difference if you don’t put gloss there. This article recommends a light gloss like Glossier’s Balm DotCcom or a lip balm like Maybelline’s Baby Lips (this stuff is awesome). As mentioned here, you can also use Vaseline if lip gloss doesn’t sound appealing.

    via @appelsin90/IG

    Step 3: Bat those eyelashes and take a selfie.

    Yep, that’s it! Achieving glossy lids only takes two true steps: applying eyeshadow, then layering on a gloss. Just make sure you’re picking out complementary base colors and gloss shades to make sure your eyelids are as perfect as possible.


    Glossy Lids Tutorial

    Glossy Eyelids as Seen on Celebs

    Beyonce via Lightning/Pin


    Kylie Jenner via @kyliejenner/IG
    Rihanna in her FourFiveSeconds video


    There’s no better time than spring and summer to break out this flirty eye makeup look. It’s refreshing and totally cool-girl approved, so just prepare for all those IG likes you’re about to get when you show off your lids. And don’t forget to tag us!


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    Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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