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    Introducing: The LiveGlam Gift Card

    Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 02, 2021

    LiveGlam Gift Card

    The gift of glam has arrived, and it’s never been so easy! You can now purchase and send e-gift cards to your loved ones (and yes, that includes yourself).

    You can purchase a LiveGlam Gift Card, or keep reading to learn more.

    How to Purchase and Gift

    1. Visit our LiveGlam Shop and select our gift card option
    2. Pick the gift amount, from $25 – $1000
    3. Enter the recipient Glammer’s email, phone number, and a special message.
    4. Proceed to checkout.
    5. Your favorite Glammer will receive an email and a text informing them of your gift. This message will contain their unique card code.

    What Can be Purchased with a LiveGlam Gift Card

    LiveGlam Gift Cards can be used for Shop and Subscription purchases. If a Subscription is purchased, you will be required to enter a credit card for future club renewals. It also cannot be used for club collections in waitlist. Gift Cards cannot be used to buy gift cards, Reward products or purchase points.

    How to Redeem Your LiveGlam Gift Card

    To redeem your glam gift, simply apply your gift code at Checkout where you see “Have a coupon or gift card?” Once applied the gift card will appear as “Gift Card Applied” in the order breakdown.


    How to Check Your Balance

    To check your LiveGlam Gift Card balance, you can visit THIS PAGE and enter your card code.

    Add Your Gift Card to Your Dashboard

    Never lose track of your unique gift card number. Members can sign into their Dashboard and add their gift card to the Gifting tab. Once your card number is added you can view your gift card purchases and balance all in one place.

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