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Get Weatherproof Makeup with Your April LiveGlam MorpheMe

Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 25, 2018

Get Weatherproof Makeup with Your April LiveGlam MorpheMe

Some people slay in the rain, others just get wet! Don’t let a little weather wreck your day- or your fleek. You can weatherproof your makeup and stay snatched rain or shine. I’m gonna show you how to use your LiveGlam MorpheMe brushes for a weatherproof makeup that will last you all day!


Until the sun don’t shine, make sure you always prime! This goes for windy or rainy days as much as a hot sunny day- so don’t skip your primer. This will give your makeup a base to grip and help everything melt together.


Start with a cream for a face that’s a dream! Lay down some creamy contour and highlight with your E47. You can use this brush to apply your under eye concealer and lay down your contour placement for some chiseled cheeks! Blend it out with a beauty sponge or buffer brush!


Don’t be crazy, set your face-y? But really- set your face with a good setting powder if you wanna make it down the block without melting away. Use your R2 to apply a powerful setting powder (I recommend Laura Mercier) or a powdered foundation all over your face! Make sure you brush and blend any extra powder away.


For eyes that shine in rainy times, set your shadows in place with the E17. Use this brush to set your eye primer (cause you didn’t forget that, right) with a nude shadow and blend out a smooth crease. For a little extra staying power- set your whole eye look with a little translucent powder! Then go head and grab your waterproof gel liner and wing those babies out with the E11!

Grab your LiveGlam MorpheMe and avoid a messy catastrophe! Use your April brushes to stay sleek and fleek this Spring. For some extra waterproof magic during those monsoonish type days, finish your face with 2-200 sprays of Ben Nye Final Seal! Read up more on setting sprays here! Tell me what your Spring weather is like and how you plan to slay it in the comments!

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Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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