What the Fleek does that mean? Beauty terms explained!

Posted by LiveGlam
on Mar 4, 2018

What the Fleek does that mean? Beauty terms explained!

Have you ever been scrolling through your favorite beauty blog, checking out product descriptions, or reading a makeup label just to find yourself wondering what these words even mean?! We’re out here beating & baking faces into a fleeking pulp, cutting creases, and slaying some lippies. I assure you no faces were harmed in the fleeking of this blog! Here are some of our fun favorite and good-to-know beauty terms explained!


No ovens involved in this form of baking! You literally just pile tons of extra powder on your face and let it sit there for 5-1000000 minutes. Yes, this is totally a thing. But it works! You can keep your face fresh and crease-free for longer when you bake it.


Beat can either be a verb or an adjective- whether you already got a beat face ORRRR if you’re beating that face right now. This isn’t for some weird black-n-blue type trend, the term “beat” comes from the action of using a blending sponge! The tap-tap-tap-tap motion of application is kinda like beating your face….into perfection!


You may have picked up a lotion, face mask, toner or something intended to slap on your face, and it might say that it’s “clarifying.” Well, this isn’t a conference call or your ex-boo mansplaining some stuff, so how do you clarify skin? Basically this kind of product will help slough away dead skin, clean out pores, and get rid of extra oil, kinda like an exfoliator minus the abrasion.


So maybe you were reading a post that was raving about how great of an emollient XY or Z was- well it was probably talking about a lotion, cream, or oil! Emollients have properties to soothe and soften the skin, kinda like smooth jazz for your face, and are often found in creams and moisturizers.


So the thing about being fleek is that it’s kinda abstract- you can fleek out your brows, put on a fleek fit, or fleek your whole face. It basically boils down to lookin’ gooooood! We here in the glam fam know all about that!!

Give Face/ Serve

While it may not seem like the same term, giving face is basically serving. You can even serve face if you’re feeling extra spicy! No silver platters here, you just gotta look bomb and flaunt it boo-thing! THAT is how you give face- make sure you serve up some confidence with it!


When you have liner that slays your enemies, ya ain’t really out here cuttin’ B’s! Slaying is when you look so [email protected]#& good that you could probably get away with murder. (see “Give Face”)! It’s roughly 50% looking like the bomb and 100% confidence and boom- you’re slaying.


No flashing lights in this strobe effect, although your cheeks are gonna be gleaming! Strobing is a style of makeup where you go easy on the contour and go hard on the highlight. To strobe, layer a cream highlight underneath a pressed or pigment highlight to get a dimensional effect and MAJOR glowage! Yo highlight will be on fleek and you can go serve some face.


I’m sure you own a few (or 50) products that are toners, or face masks that “tone” the skin, and every skincare routine ever is telling you to tone! WHY?! A toner is an astringent that improves your skin by reducing oiliness. The reason for toning the skin and/or using a daily toner is to help tighten pores and keep your skin clean! Toning before applying your moisturizer or emollient will aid in absorption, too. 👌🏼


I hope you learned a few beauty terms today that can help you navigate through life (and the beauty shelves at Target) with ease! Get fleeked out and impress your friends while you slay our beauty terms!


Stay Glam!


Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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