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faux-ever flawless mink lashes by LiveGlam


LiveGlam Faux-ever Flawless Mink Lashes

Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 12, 2021

Update (11/15/2021): Hey Glammers! We have a fabu-lash announcement — our LiveGlam Faux-ever Flawless Lash Collection is back in stock! Hurry up and get your hands on these 12 gorgeous styles while they’re still available and don’t forget to show us your lash-obsessed looks on Instagram @LiveGlam for a chance to be featured on our page. Stay glam!


Update (04/14/2021): Thank you for making our lash launch a success! We are 99.5% sold out of all lashes! We only have 2 styles left with very limited stock! Our sale has ended, but you can stilll…

Tick Tock, It’s Lash O’ Clock! We’re about to lashify your world with 12 incredible pieces of Eye Candy. Whether you’re a Visionary for fluttery and wispy lashes (Keepin’ it Classy) or you’re a Certified Freak and prefer a dramatic, bold lash, you’re about to be Well-Off with this brand NEW and first ever LiveGlam Lash Collection: Faux-ever Flawless.

First thing’s first Before we dive into these fabu-lash styles, we want to make sure you’re an expert at applying them. Without the proper technique, applying falsies can be tricky and extremely frustrating. But similar to learning how to do the perfect contour, all it takes is a little practice! Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to becoming a pro at applying your LiveGlam Lashes.

Step 1: Prep

Prep your natural lashes using your eyelash curler. This will help the falsies blend seamlessly into your natural lashes. A thin layer of black eyeliner will help to hide the base of the lashes, but if you’re going for a more natural look, it’s not necessary!

Step 2: Glue

When it comes to lash glue, it’s easy to go overboard. Just remember, less is more! Apply a small amount of glue onto a surface (A paper plate or the back of your hand works). Using tweezers, hold the lashes in place. Pour a small amount of eyelash glue onto a tissue, piece of paper, etc. Using slanted tweezers, hold the lashes in place and apply the glue in a thin, even layer across the spine of your faux lashes. Allow the glue to dry for about 30-40 seconds, until tacky (unless you want a glue-everywhere-nightmare).

Step 3: Application

Using the same tweezers, line up the lashes exactly where you want them on your lash line. Start at the middle of the lashes and gently push down on the edges so that they’re perfectly aligned and in place. (Pro Tip: Position a small mirror under you so that you’re looking down while applying them). Let the glue dry and you’re set! Feel free to fill in any gaps by touching up your eyeliner or applying a thin layer of mascara to help blend the look.

Your Butterfly Kisses and volumized wishes are about to take off. Step out of your comfort zone and be the Social Butterfly you were meant to be with these “Look-at-Me” Lashes. These faux mink falsies are lightweight, long-lasting, comfortable, and did we mention, So Ka-ute!

Are you trying to make it to Hollywood or onto Forbes List? It’s time you tuck your clumpy mascara into bed and say, “Suite Dreams, but it’s my time to gleam.” This collection is about to take your makeup-game to another level.

*All LiveGlam Lashes are Vegan and Cruelty-Free (just like the rest of our products)!*

LiveGlam Faux Mink Lash Styles:

Eye Candy 

LiveGlam eye candy lash

Let your eyes do the talking with these feathery-light, faux mink lashes. These defined lashes are long and wispy, with just enough drama to accentuate your natural eye shape. Like sugar, these lashes make life a lil’ bit sweeter!


LiveGlam visionary lash

What you see with your heart, you can see with your eyes! These flared, multidimensional lashes turn your glam goals into reality. Ditch the dream and be a doer with these gorgeous faux-mink lashes!


LiveGlam classy lash

If you’re after a perfectly pretty, classic look, then these lashes are for you. Bring attention to your natural beauty with this long, slightly flared faux-mink style. Perfect for an everyday look!

Certified Freak 

LiveGlam certified freak lash

Sometimes all you need is the right pair of lashes to bring out the freak in you. With fluttery mixed length and volume, these faux-mink lashes create a bold and temptingly sexy look.


LiveGlam well off lash

You’re about to be well-off with this faux-mink style. These flirty lashes add length and volume to your eyes – perfect for any occasion! Stay flashy!

Butterfly Kisses

LiveGlam butterfly kisses lash

These lashes are the wings of your transformation. Step out of your comfort zone and set yourself free with this long and flawless faux-mink style. Butterfly Kisses make volumized wishes come true!

Social Butterfly

LiveGlam social butterfly lash

Dynamic and charismatic, these lightweight faux-mink lashes enhance the length and volume of your natural lashes. This fluttery style will have you unfolding your wings in a blink!

So Ka-ute 

LiveGlam So Ka-ute lash

This faux-mink style is gonna make your heart melt. Delicately long and wispy, these lashes are perfect for an everyday babydoll look playful and OH, So Kau-te!

Forbes List

LiveGlam forbes list lash

Are you trying to make it to Hollywood or onto Forbes List? These multi-dimensional, dramatic lashes volumize your eyes while creating the perfect show-stopping look. If you want to go BIG, stop thinking small!

Suite Dreams

LiveGlam suite dreams lash

This pillowy soft and fluffy faux-mink style will have you tucking your clumpy-mascara into bed. From dawn to dusk, these lashes create a starry-eyed, magical look!


LiveGlam 143 lash

The best love story starts with a pair of the perfect lashes. This faux-mink style creates a wispy, infatuating, doe-eyed look! It was (lash) love at first sight!


LiveGlam InstaGlam lash

Confidence Level: Lashes, no filter! These lashes are full and fabulous from root to tip. Up your lash game (and your selfies) with this stunning faux-mink style!

Long & flawless lashes are just a blink away – stay tuned for restock updates coming soon, and thank you for your support!

Show us your lash-obsessed looks on Instagram @LiveGlam and use our hashtag #LiveGlamFam for a chance to get featured on our page!

Stay Glam!

Xoxo, LiveGlam




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