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Eyeshadow Colors That Go With Purple Lipstick


Eyeshadow Colors That Go With Purple Lipstick

Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 25, 2021

Purple lipstick is a Fall/Halloween staple. In recent years, purple means more than gothic-style deep aubergine. It includes vibrant lavender tones, smoky mauves, and grey-based lilacs. Purple lipstick is certainly a statement! However, this doesn’t mean you need to downplay your eye look. Oh no, you can double-up on the glam and pick eyeshadow colors that pop, compliment, and sometimes even clash.

Here are the best eyeshadow colors that go with purple lipstick!

Smokey grey and black

Eyeshadow Color That Goes With Purple Lipstick

Fall and Halloween are the perfect times to create a cool-toned, smokey look with rich charcoal and black hues. If you’re wearing an aubergine or true dark purple lipstick, classic smoky never misses.


  • Matte black and charcoal buffed seamlessly into the crease, along the top lash line, and smudged into the lower lash line
  • Use a matte or satin white shadow to highlight the inner corner and brow bone
  • Keep your blush neutral or nude (and use it sparingly) so it doesn’t compete with your purple pout

Neutral brown and cream or champagne

Best eyeshadow colors purple

Neutral shadows with taupes, tans, creams, and cocoa hues go with absolutely every look. If you’re picking a bright, deep, or unexpected purple lipstick, enhance the eyes with natural tones. This allows your lips to take center stage while still playing up the natural beauty of your eyes.


  • A simple brown or taupe shadow buffed into the crease
  • A creamy brown pencil smudged along the upper lash line
  • A satin-finish cream or champagne shade pressed into the center of the lid, the inner corner, and the brow bone
  • Black or deep brow mascara
  • No harsh lines, just soft, diffused neutrals
  • The ‘Birthday Suit’ palette is ideal for this look, especially ‘Au Natural’ and ‘Cheeky’

A pop of green

best eyeshadow color that goes with purple lipstick

If you’re heading to a Halloween party or dinner, why not take the chance to go a little ham with your makeup? Offset your purple lips with an unexpected pop of green on the lid or the inner corner.


  • Buff a skin-matching matte or satin shadow over the entire lid
  • Buff a neutral taupe or brow shade into the crease for a hint of depth and dimension
  • Take a shimmery green shadow and press into the inner corner, concentrating the color in one small spot
  • Or, buff the green hue into the outer corner, stopping once you get to the center of the eye
  • Keep the lash line clear (no eyeliner? Shock!) for a modern, clean, minimal aesthetic
  • Add mascara and boom, done
  • The ‘Flocking Fabulous’ palette is ideal for this look as it has your greens and your neutral crease shades



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