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Dramatic Eye Makeup – Glam and Fab Ideas

Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 24, 2017

A girls’ night out means sexy, dramatic eye makeup and if you follow us on social media you know we love some drama, especially when it comes to eyes. Here are some of our favorite dramatic eye makeup trends.


via Desert-Wind Photography

Arabian Eyes

We can learn a thing or two from Princess Jasmine including her striking Arabian eyes. Creating this dramatic eye makeup look is fairly easy–It’s all about having your eyes look bigger, so you’ll have to rely on some amazing dark, black liner and some bomb lashes! Another thing to keep in mind about achieving this dramatic eye makeup look is to make sure you shape your eyebrows and opt for a bolder brow.


Brown Smoke

We love a good, classic smokey eye– especially one done with a matte, chocolate eyeshadow. The key to this dramatic eye makeup is to apply the dark shadow on the lid and gradually go lighter toward the crease. Our LiveGlam pro tip for you: Use your finger to press the color on to the lid and then use a makeup brush, like a fluffy blending brush, to soften the color from your lid to your crease.


via Denitslava Makeup

Let it Glitter

You know we’re obsessed with everything and anything that sparkles. To make this dramatic eye makeup look right, make sure to have a good eye primer so your sparkles/shimmer stays on. Try experimenting with gold shimmer on the lid and add some depth in the crease with deep brown eyeshadow. The combination together is to die for!


via easyNeon

Mauvey Mama!

If there is one dramatic eye makeup trend that is really poppin’ right now it’s the smoky mauve look, which is actually tricky to nail. Because mauves tend to have so much red undertones to them, this makeup look could go really wrong. It might look like you have a rash on your eyes if you don’t do it right. Look for a mauve that suits your skin and make sure it has a blue undertone to it. When you apply the color concentrate on depositing the color just on your lid and choose a soft pink or nude to blend in your crease, so you soften any “harsh” edges.


via easyNeon

Pedal to the Metal

Metallics are hot right now, even with eye makeup. There’s not a lot that goes into this dramatic makeup trend. You can make any shimmer eyeshadow look metallic if you get it wet with water or MAC’s Prep+Prime Fix. Be sure to use a tapered brush that you’ll be able to get wet and that will hold on to the shimmer. To learn more about what brushes you should be using, be sure to checkout our beauty subscription and start getting MorpheMe brushes sent to your door today!


Dramatic Eye Makeup

What dramatic eye makeup would you like us to recreate for you on Instagram? Tell us below our tag us. Be sure to read more of our blog to know more of your eye beauty tips.




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