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on Jul 11, 2019

LiveGlam Diamond Program

Being a part of our #LiveGlamFam is all about living your best beauty life…we just help make it a lil’ more glamazing! Not only do we have a super shiny referral program that allows you to get free makeup and other goodies, but you can even make cash money as a Diamond Affiliate! Here’s how.

LiveGlam Diamond Affiliate Program

Our Diamond Affiliate Program is for you Glammers that have a social following and love makeup! Real diamonds are made under pressure, but we take all that away in our Diamond program. You can earn a pretty lil’ income when and how you want it- just by brushin’ the love around!

How Do I Become a Diamond?

To get some bling in your life, you have to share the love! When 50 of your friends, followers, cousins, or anyone you know (or don’t) sign up through your code in a month, you become a Diamond- know your worth boo. You can find your referral code on your Dashboard, just log-in and share​, share, share!

You can even give your friends and followers a free lippie when they sign up, and snag some Reward points yourself! We make new images monthly with our talented design team so you always have fresh pics of our monthly products to share..or you can snap your own! Your Diamond status will last an additional 3 full months after your qualifying month! (i.e. if your mom buys 50 subs in June, then you’ll enjoy cash referrals the remainder of June and full Diamond perks July, August & Sept!)

What are the Perks of Being Diamond?

Our Diamond Program comes with all the perks you’d expect from something so unique and beautiful. We mentioned cash, right? Yep! You’ll earn a pretty commission for anyone that joins through your link- so it’s time to start making some new friends! You also get products from our glamazing LiveGlam clubs (MorpheMe, KissMe, & ShadowMe) for free. And you’ll pucker up with your own dedicated success manager who can help you with basically anything you need, and I even hear she gives great bestie or bae advice!

We’ll make sure you’re always in the loop! You’ll get personalized newsletters during the month and weekly sales updates with status reports. You can cash out whenever you like! And we’ve got our team on hand to answer any questions you or your subscribers could possibly dream up, too. You’re in good, well-manicured hands, we promise! You’ll be able to give your audience free gifts when they sign up and special discount codes during LiveGlam promos! When you brush the love around, we do the same.

LiveGlam Diamond Elite Program 

Since you guys have been spreading the love so much, we’ve added another tier to our affiliate program. Diamond Elite is an invitation-only program that you can qualify for if you refer 500+ friends in one calendar month. Not only does Diamond Elite include all of the Diamond perks, but it also includes even more, such as Instagram giveaways, the opportunity to curate your own LiveGlam favorites collections, product collaborations, Meet & Greets, in-person events, and access to special bonuses and gifts. 

How do I become a Diamond Elite Member?

If your life motto is “go big or go home” this is the tier for you 😉 To qualify for the highest status available for LiveGlam Members, you’ll need to refer at least 500 friends to LiveGlam in one calendar month. Diamond Elite Status is an invitation-only program, so you’ll first need to qualify for Diamond Elite before an invitation can be offered to you! 

If you have any questions about becoming a Diamond member, drop us a comment below! Or you can always contact us!

Stay Glam!

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  • I am a fan of les do make up your the best love her sence of humor and personality ,her makeup tips and this will be the second time purchasing her lippies I love the the quality is perfect.

  • Hi my name is Estrella Serious I am 25 years old. I have been doing makeup for about 10 years but recently got into in about 2 years ago. I would love to be apart of your company my Instagram handle is 1seriousglam 💕

  • I love all your products because they are cheap and very good and want to be part of you

  • Hello sweets, Eeekk! I just subscribed for the monthly lippies! I am so excited I am in love with this month's sub ❤️ I also was reading about the affiliate program and am very interested in this. I am a makeup enthusiast and this would be something really fun and incredible for me. Please let me know if I can sign up for this program.

  • I love the lippies and brushes they are the best I just started a Facebook page for make up ! I would love to be part of you😍😍 I’m interested to Sign up for this program

  • Cuando me mandan mis labiales

  • Hi my name is Raven and I been doing freelance makeup for 5 years now and I love doing it! It’s like a dream or something cuz I was so tomboyish now I live for makeup it’s my passion so that’s why I want to do this with liveglam hope u guys open ur ❤️ and let me in I’m so ready!!!😆😊😊

  • I've signed up for both brushes & lippies for a while now! Thanks to Les Do Makeup!!! ❤

  • I’m very interested in joining and ASAP I love glam

  • I love your products and would love working with you guys

  • Signed up with Les and OMG it was a great investment!!!! I love the quality and the colors each months comes with!!! Thank you for both #morpheme and #kissme they are both great!!!! <3

  • I have just recently started a YouTube channel and a makeup Instagram for myself and I am trying to find some pick me ups! I absolutely love Les! She is so inspiring and I look up to her! Your brand really impressed me and j would love to try some of the products!

  • I have just started my Facebook beauty page and in a month I’ve came a long way unexpectedly. I have just signed up for ur monthly brushes and lippies and I will love to have the chance to promote for you liveglam and show my viewers how beneficial it is to signup for monthly club with you and how much they can earn by using my promo code if I get the chance to be picked and reached back to promote for your company :)

  • Love LiveGlam I use my lippies all the time and my brushes are awesome too. I love my eyeshadow it's so smooth and silky and slides on perfect! I love everything about LiveGlam!

  • I’m willing to join

  • Hi I would love to promote your products I love makeup!

  • Hi my name is katherine Jimenez i would love to be part of liveglam ❤️

  • Interested in the diamond sub

  • Como puedo afiliarme para resibir productos gratis

  • I love you products, I found them through Braannxo and have been hooked ever since.

  • I would like to promote your products

  • I love makeup is one of my passions in this life I would love to be a part of the team :) and show my talent with your awesome products❤️

  • Love your merchandise and would love to promote liveglam.

  • Interested in affiliate program

  • Ready to be a Diamond

  • Your products are amazing and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I have a good amount of friends that I can share the word. Would love to be affiliated with morpheme.

  • Just joining the live glam fam. ♥️ Love you all! @Makeupwithdesireenichole

  • Hello im obsessed with your products. I would love to be part of your company my IG is Izzabelflorezz (beautybyizzabelflorezz)

  • Hi beautiful 😘 I have alot of friends and family who use your products. I have never used any (yet) I was wondering if I could promote your products & get on your PR list🥰 thank you, sincerely yours truly Julie

  • Just signed up for lippies and pallet monthly club. Im

  • How do I become a beautiful diamond member?

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