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    Best Ways To Remove Long-Lasting Lipstick

    Posted by LiveGlam on Jan 11, 2021

    Best Ways To Remove Long-Lasting Lipstick

    Here at LiveGlam, we love long-lasting lipstick, obviously. It keeps our kissers in tip-top style all day long and serves saturated, velvety color. However, no matter how much you wash, wipe, and scrub, removing long-wearing lippie can be a little tedious without the right tools. 

    What’s the best way to remove long-lasting lipstick, you ask? Here’s our quick guide. Note, we may have a brand new treat designed especially to softy, sweetly usher your lipstick away. 

    Petroleum Jelly

    remove long lasting lipstick with patroleum jelly

    Rubbing your lips raw can leave them too chapped to wear your favorite lipstick the next day. Applying a dab of Vaseline helps remove tough-to-remove lipsticks while moisturizing the skin. Simply apply petroleum jelly to your lips and let it sit for at least 2 minutes. Take a warm washcloth and wipe your puckers in a gentle motion. Rinse and repeat until the lipstick is gone. Just be sure to apply a moisturizing balm like the Lickable Lip Balm on your lips.

    Grab the Oil

    remove long lasting lipstick with oil

    Head to your kitchen and grab an oil like coconut oil, olive oil, or even baby oil. If you have olive oil or coconut oil in the kitchen, pour a little onto a cotton round, press it onto your lips, and gently wipe away the lipstick. It works like a charm and gives your lips a little love with healthy fats and hydrating antioxidants. 

    Micellar Water 

    remove long lasting lipstick with Micellar Water 

    Micellar water is far more gentler than those intense makeup wipes that usually dries up your skin. It is made up of tiny cleansing oil molecules, called micelles infused in water, to attract dirt and oil without drying out the skin and remove tough lipsticks as well!

    Stick with us and use the KissMe Bye Bye remover 

    lipstick remover for long lasting lipstick

    The best method, in our humble opinion, is to use our new liquid lippie remover! 

    The KissMe Bye Bye remover comes in the form of a squeezy tube balm or gloss for a mess-free application. Slick it on, leave for a few seconds, then use a cotton pad or tissue to seamlessly wipe away your lipstick. 

    Your lips are left nourished, soft, and completely unscrubbed. A little bonus feature…it’s bubblegum flavored! 

    A fit-for-purpose product like this is so portable, you can pop it in your handbag and have a complete “lip wardrobe change” at any time of the day. No tugging, no nasty taste, just soft and gentle functionality.

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