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Best Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow Looks


Best Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow Looks

Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 11, 2022

Another Valentine’s Day is here. Singles, don’t despair; you don’t need to be coupled-up to celebrate and enjoy the day as self love and friend love 100% count. If anything, the holiday is simply an excuse to try a new eyeshadow look (HA! As if we need a reason). 

Here are our favorite Valentine’s Day eyeshadow looks. 

Gold glitter halo eye 

I’m picturing a romantic, goddess-worthy eyeshadow look featuring gold glitter on the center lid and surrounded by rich chocolate shadow. For this look, I use Glammer Liner in Legend

  • Lay down your eyeshadow base or concealer 
  • Pat a mid-toned brow shade (relative to your skin color) over the entire lid
  • Buff a dark chocolate brown shade through the crease and under the lash line 
  • Dab a small patch of concealer right in the center of the mobile lid and blend the edges
  • Take your gold glitter on your finger and dab over the concealer until you achieve the desired saturation of glitter 
  • Finish with mascara and outer-corner falsies 

Perfect with: champagne gloss and gold highlight (early 2010’s style kapow highlight, that is). 

Soft pink shimmer

Pinks are welcome on Valentine’s Day, obviously (really rocking the boat here aren’t I?). I’m imagining a soft, diffused eyeshadow look with depth created using shadows as opposed to liner. Romantic, “I’m so in love I’m floating” inspired eyes. 

  • Lay down your eyeshadow base or concealer 
  • Buff a shade like Rosie Posie from the He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not palette over the lid, through the crease, and through the lower lashline
  • Take a shimmery pink such as Blossom and use your finger to tap it over the mobile lid, adding more light layers until you achieve an opaque shimmer
  • Add depth with a deeper pink or plum (such as Hu$tla from the Boujee palette) and buff it through the crease and into the outer V of the eye 
  • Pop a little gold or champagne shimmer into the inner corner
  • A little splash of silver glitter on the very center of the lid would lift this look to further heights. 
  • Add the fluffiest of falsies

Perfect with: a true pink lip such as French Kiss 

Sexy cat-eye 

Get your sultry on and bedazzle that date with the sexiest eyes you can muster (with help from makeup, you can only Smize so much). A jet-black cat eye still stands firm at number one on the list of the most R-rated eye looks. Here’s how. 

  • Lay down your eyeshadow base 
  • Pat a matte, skin-matching shadow over the entire lid
  • Buff a deep chocolate (for a warm look) or charcoal (for a cooler look) through the crease and extend it outward to create an elongated shape. The color should finish approximately where the outer tip of your brow sits. 
  • Take a black liner gel on a liner brush or a very sharp kohl pencil and start to line your upper and lower lash lines, staying close to the lash roots
  • From the outer third of the upper lid, start to thicken the line as you extend it outward and upward into a sharp wing
  • Connect the wing to the lower lash line 
  • Clean and sharpen the wing using a Q-tip soaked in makeup remover
  • Add a little champagne, silver, or gold shimmer to the inner corner and the brow bone 
  • Add mascara and falsies

Perfect with: sculpted cheeks and nude lips 

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