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Best Shimmer Eyeshadow Looks to Try

LiveGlam Club

Best Shimmer Eyeshadow Looks To Try

Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 06, 2020

Best Shimmer Eyeshadow Looks To Try

When you want to stand out and shine brighter than the most expensive diamond in the sky, you reach for the palette with the best shimmers, AKA our “Glammer” palette! So, now that we got ya covered with some stunning shimmery eyeshadows let’s get into the best eyeshadow looks to try using these glimmering shades. Caution: it’s gonna get a lil’ sparkly in here 😉.

Shimmer Eye Makeup Looks

You don’t need special occasions to embrace a little sparkle and shine! You can tone the shimmer down for everyday wear or you can really shake things up with some serious gilded realness. Don’t know how to apply shimmery eyeshadow? Check out this inspo below!

Everyday Bronzy Shimmer

If you’re a fearless babe who isn’t afraid of bringing a lil’ glistening action to your work-week, this look is for you! Whip out your “Glammer” palette and apply “Action” to your crease and swipe “Glam” on your lids. Now, you can power through your work meetings in style!

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ما اقدر اكتم مشاعري و ما اعبر عن كميه السعاده ، احس بشعور يجنن مبسوطه قد ايش اللوك و الطريقه و التتوريال عجبكم و تبارك الله تفوق متوقعاتي من نجاحه !! التعليقات وصلت فوق ال ١٠،٠٠٠❤️ الكابتشرز فوق النص مليون !! و كمان صار تريند تويتر !! جد جد اسعدتوني عطيتوني طاقه جباااااارررره !! تجبروني اعطيكم عيوني والله ، شكرا لكم بنات و باذن الله اوصل العالميه بفضل ربي ثم دعمكم و ارفع راسكم❤️ احبكم والله❤️❤️( لفو الشاشه يمين)🔥🔥

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Pretty in Pink

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so we had to throw in a flirty Valentine’s Day makeup look! Get this cute glimmery look using “Glamazing” (from your “Glammer” palette, duh) on your outer corner and slightly on your crease. Then, take “KissMe” and apply this shimmer shadow from your inner corner to your lid. Voíla, a shimmer look perfect for date night!

Dramatic Half Cut-Crease

If you’re in the mood for something a little more striking, this look is everything you didn’t know you needed. Dip into “Action” & “New You” and make sure you wing out the eyeshadows for a more fierce look! The star of the show? “#LiveGlamFam”! Apply this purple, sparkly goodness on the lid and make sure you blend the outer edges. Club night with your friends? Check!

Tips for Applying a Perfect Shimmer Eye Look

Tip #1

Always start off with a good eye base so your shimmers have something to adhere to. That can be your fave eye primer or even concealer!

Tip #2

Sometimes shimmer eyeshadow can tend to have a bit of fallout and land all over your perfect set foundation (bummer!), but you can avoid this! One way to avoid any fallout from ruining your base is by doing your eyes first and then applying your foundation. If that’s not your thing, try applying powder under your eyes (as if you were baking) and then sweep it off when you’re done!

Tip #3

Is your shimmer not as bright as you wanted it to be? First of all, switch to our eyeshadow palettes immediately 😉. If you need a more immediate solution, spray your brush with a little setting spray before applying those sparkly shades on your lids!


Now that you’ve got some inspo for some cute shimmer eyeshadow looks to try, you need some quality shimmers, sis! Sign up to our LiveGlam Eyeshadow Subscription Club, ShadowMe, to receive a brand new palette every other month with 9-10 buttery and pigmented shades for only $19.99. Trust us, you need these eyeshadow palettes in your makeup collection! 

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Which one of these shimmer looks are you dying to recreate? Let us know in the comments!

Stay Glam!




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