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    Best Nude Lipsticks For Your Skin Tone

    Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 08, 2020

    Best Nude Lipsticks For Your Skin Tone

    Nude lipstick is as reliable as your go-to jeans, your most beloved boots, your fail-proof foundation. The perfect nude will go with any eye look and complete your face without competing for focus. However, different skin tones suit different nudes, and the right choice can be the difference between gorgeous and ghostly. 

    Here are our suggestions for the best nude lipsticks for your skin tone!

    Fair-light cool and warm

    best nude lipsticks for your skine tone

    super pale skin with both cool and warm undertones should stay away from beige or yellow-toned nudes. They can make you look sallow and a little ill. Stick to pinky nudes or rosy brown nudes such as: 

    Don’t forget, nude lipstick doesn’t mean it has to be pale or match the depth of your skin. Fair skin can wear deeper nude shades, and deeper skin can wear paler nudes. The contrast creates a bigger impact while still remaining neutral and versatile. 

    Medium-tan cool

    what are the best nude lip shades to wear

    stick to nudes with pink undertones and stay away from yellow-based “concealer” nudes. Something with a little red in it would be stunning, such as: 

    Medium-tan warm

    best nude lipstick shades for medium tan skin

    you can get away with wearing beige-based nudes. 

    Dark-deep cool

    best nude lipstick shades for darker skin tones

    try a cool berry nude with blue-based undertones, or a cool brown. For paler nudes (that 1960s look…or early 2000s…) you could go for a powdery, blue-based nude pink. 

    Dark-deep warm

    liquid lipstick colors for dark skin

    rich, chocolate-brown nudes, orange-based brick nudes, or neutral browns are epic on you. You could even go for a paler, beige-based nude 


    What’s your favorite nude shade, Glammers? Don’t forget to comment below and tag #LiveGlamFam on Instagram

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