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Best Nail Designs – Top 10 Nail Trends to Follow in 2017


Best Nail Designs – Top 10 Nail Trends to Follow in 2017

Posted by LiveGlam on Jan 11, 2017

It’s officially 2017 and we all need to nail it!! Get your polish kits out, because we are sharing our top 10 best nail designs for 2017 baby!


via @NailZealot
via @NailZealot

1. Champagne Nails

New Year’s Eve is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pop some champagne…nails! Paint your fingernails with a black nail polish and while the polish is still “tacky,” take some gold glitter and dust it on the tip of your nails. Finish off with a glossy, top coat.


via Sisters Nail Spa
via @sistersnailsspa

2.“Reddie” or Not

Red nails are classic, but this time we’re going to add a twist. Paint all of your nails red and polish half of your nail with black nail polish. Just remember, the black nail design should be deeper than a french manicure.


via lusterlacquer
via @lusterlacquer

3. Confetti Nails

This design will be trending this year. You can chose whatever nail color you want for your base and then polish the confetti over it. No need to create your own confetti. Polish Me Silly makes it so easy!


via nail_juander
via @nail_juander

4. French Kiss

French tip nails are back and better than ever! This nail design is done a little different than the traditional french tip design. Instead of polishing the tip white, try a bold color like a pink, black or even a chrome.


via @fixintofaff
via @fixintofaff

5. Gold Digger

Anyone that “digs” gold, will totally obsess over this nail design! Create a half moon mani with a french tip twist. Keep the base color neutral and polish the tip with a gold nail polish. Play around with metallic tones, 2017 is all about that chrome.


via chaunlegend

6. Marble Nails

You’ll be seeing a lot of marble nail designs this year. All it takes is just two colors. We love this look, because you can’t mess it up. Marble nails  are definitely one of the best nail designs emerging! They look lovely with the more neutral colors and it’s all how your swirl your brush.


via Simple Nail Art Designs
via Simple Nail Art Designs

7. Silver Stripes

This is a really fun nail look. Choose a bold, stark nail polish color, then grab some silver nail polish to create horizontal lines. Be sure to complete your nail design with high-shine top coat.


via Spektor's Nails
via Spektor’s Nails

8. Graffiti Nails

If you’re on the go and need fast, fabulous nails, you will love this nail design and it’s so easy to create. Choose any dark shade you like, (we love pitch black nails with this) and grab some white polish. Swipe the brush across your nails to create white brush strokes. Be sure to wipe-off the excess polish on top of the uncapped bottle–This way you’ll be able to see the bristle marks to get that “graffiti” look.


via @polishmeliz

9. Bubbly Blue

Find an “electric” blue nail polish and some really small rhinestones at any craft store. Take some nail glue and place three in a row, creating a vertical line just on your ring fingers nails. This is a very easy look to achieve and it’s so pretty!


via @nailsbylins
via @nailsbylins

10. Pink-a-Boo

For all the neutral hunnies, this one is for you! There’s something so stunning about light pink nails, topped with a silver. It’s soft and just pretty. Bubble Bath is a great color to for this elegant creation. Use a silver nail art pen to make small polka-dots on your nails.





2017’s Best Nail Designs trending

Alright ladies, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be perfectly polished this year! We hope you get to try these looks soon. Be sure to tag us on Instagram, we would love to see your recreation. Also, be sure to checkout our blog to find where you can find your best nail designs.




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