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Best lipstick shades with purple eyeshadow


Best Lipstick Shades With Purple Eyeshadow

Posted by LiveGlam on Nov 29, 2021

Purple eyeshadow is far from a throwback to retro decades, it’s a classy, fun, and often downright flattering tone. A matte pastel lilac or lavender is whimsical, romantic, and oh-so current. A deep amethyst is sultry, smoky, and makes green irises pop, especially at night. A rich, brown-leaning plum is a great alternative to basic neutrals for an everyday eye. Or, fancy a neon lavender winged liner, a shimmery violet crease, or a watercolor lavender haze?

However, the real question of the moment is what color lips to pair with your regal peepers? Here are the best lipstick shades to wear with purple eyeshadow!

True red

Many of us were brought up to think “pick ONE: a bold eye OR a bold lip”. I think it’s safe to say this has been debunked ever since beauty gurus and YouTube burst forth. In fact, one of the prettiest lip shades to wear with a purple look (especially a deep shade) is a true red. I would recommend this pairing for the evening.

Lip pick: Wild Cherry

Pale pink (mod-style)

A super pale pink lip paired with a purple eyeshadow brings a 1960s mod-style appeal. I’m picturing a deep purple, violet-leaning cut crease, bold falsies, and a bright white waterline. Pair with a chalky-style matte pink shade, the paler the better! Add a headband, statement earrings, and a flippy mini dress for peak retro styling.

Lip pick: Beauty and the Beach

Clear gloss and nude liner

If you’re wanting the eyes to take the cake and leave the lips subtle, you can’t beat a nude liner with a juicy gloss. A nude liner just a wee bit darker than your natural lip color will add dimension, depth, and pillowy fullness, while a gloss will hydrate and add further juiciness.

Lip pick: Caramel with Chasing Sunsets


You know I love a monochromatic look! Wearing purple eyeshadow with purple lipstick is not as overkill as it may sound, not at all, in fact. Keeping the same color story throughout your look is a cohesive and modern way to embrace color. I love to smudge a royal purple shadow (with a hint of shimmer) into the upper and lower lash lines, and deepen the crease with a little bronze or taupe shadow. This maximises the purple hue without creating a large block of color. I then apply a dark, plum-toned lipstick to create a Fall and Winter-centric evening look.

Lip pick: Sip Happens




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