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Best Lipstick Shades To Wear In The Winter


Best Lipstick Shades To Wear In The Winter

Posted by LiveGlam on Jan 10, 2022

We love pulling out deeper, richer lipstick shades once the air starts to cool and the leaves have dropped. Moodier weather naturally ushers in moodier lipstick shades perfect for fireside dates and matching scarves. Here are our favorite lippie hues to wear in the Winter. 

Juicy, Glossy Red 

Matte red is stunning, but it’s not so kind on very dry, chapped lips. Enjoy the classic allure of red with the juicy comfort of a gloss. Our go-to is always Chamoy, especially when we don’t have the time or patience for carefully applying matte lipstick. 

Wear with: a matte black wing or a smudged charcoal smokey upper lid 

Cool Mauve

cool mauve lipstick

Cool, mauve-toned brown is a fabulous choice if you can’t decide between nude, plum, or 90’s brown for the day. It’s got that grunge appeal without going full greige. 

Wear with: we love to pair Rome with fluffy falsies and an icy highlight. 

Deep Brick Nude

brick nude lipstick

A brick-toned, reddish nude is one of the most flattering MLBB shades (depending on your skin tone). It adds warmth, depth, and fullness to the lips without making too much of a statement. We adore Enchanted when I want lush lips that won’t pull focus from my eyes. 

Wear with: absolutely anything! We love a classic satin base, natural blush, chocolate eyeliner, and a few coats of mascara. In fact, if  you’re short on blush, a teeny dab of brick lippie can make the perfect cheek color. 

Dark Coffee Brown

Coffee Brown lipstick

Let steaming mugs of hot chocolate inspire your lipstick choice and go for a deep, matte brown. Resting Brunch Face is stunning against tan-to-dark skin tones, and as a statement for more pale complexions. 

Wear with: a simple sculpted nude-brown eye and berry blush. 

Metallic Copper

metallic copper lipstick

Get creative this Winter and try a burnished copper shade with a gleam to rival Christmas lights. Glam AF gives you rich, gilded lips with enough neutral brown to avoid the “fancy dress” look. 

Wear with: a satin base, gold highlight, and matching copper shadow. Or, keep it simple with nothing but lashes and a little bronzer and blush to add warmth to the face. 

Creamy Mid-Toned Pink

mid-tone pink lipstick

There’s a pink for every season, and the loveliest shade for Winter is one that lifts your mood without teasing you with reminders of Summer. A creamy-textured, mid-toned pink like Flutter is perfect and can easily transition into Spring. 

Wear with: tinted moisturiser, pink cream blush, brushed brows, and wispy falsies. 

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