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best lipstick shades to wear for halloween


Best Lipstick Shades to Wear for Halloween

Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 23, 2020

Who needs a celebration? I think we all do! Well, Halloween is just around the corner, so get your candy, your pumpkin, and your spooky cocktails ready. The best part? Halloween makeup! Thematic beauty is so much fun, and Halloween offers a wealth of inspiration. If you don’t have time to create OTT eye makeup looks, Halloween-ify your look with a carefully chosen lippie.

Best lipstick shades to wear for Halloween!

best lipstick color to wear for halloween red orange


When most people think of Fall/Halloween colors they think of rich, pumpkin-worthy orange-red, and I support this! If you’re not the kind of person to reach for spooky shades like black, grey, or mauve, go for the warmth. 

  • LiveGlam Let’s Make Out. The dreamiest, richest orangey-red you can wear all season (all year, in fact). Perfect with a simple black wing or charcoal smokey eye. 

best halloween lipstick to wear deep purple

Deep purple

Channel that inner goth with a deep, velvety purple that verges on black. If this is out of your comfort zone, Halloween is the perfect time to take the plunge and give it a try. 

  • LiveGlam Furarri has brownish-plum undertones so it’s a little more wearable than blue-based purples. Warm up the skin with a little bronzer and pair with wispy lashes for a pretty-yet-tough Halloween look. Interestingly, deep plum shades were popular among 1920s party girls, so you could tie it into a flapper-style Halloween aesthetic. Add a headband, defined brows, and smokey eyes (and dance, dance, dance!). 

best halloween lipstick shades to wear Mauve grey 

Mauve grey 

Grey-based nudes and purples are certainly a style choice, but they can be just as gorgeous as they are thematic. Our October Lippie Club collection channels the beauty of Halloween-centric greys and mauves. 

  • ‘Captivate’ is a smokey, grey-based lilac that reminds me of black-and-white horror films. You could go the whole way with matte grey and black eye looks and a cool-toned contour, or warm it up with plenty of blush and a fluffy-lash eye look. 

best halloween lipstick shades to wear Fuchsia

Fuchsia (for the rebels)

Maybe you don’t want to go with the season. Maybe you’re a contrary, rebellious Aquarius who wants to be a part of the celebration but doesn’t want to conform? Go the opposite direction and slick on a bright pink or fuchsia lipstick with your smokey charcoal eyes. Hey, who said spooky can’t be feminine?!



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