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    Best Green Eyeshadow Looks to Try

    Posted by Ana Delgadillo on Nov 18, 2019

    Best Green Eyeshadow Looks to Try

    Green makeup looks have been one of the biggest trends this year, whether it’s Kendall Jenner’s lime green eyeliner or Lucy Hale’s fierce green smokey eyeshadow (we died and resurrected with these iconic looks). Stay on trend before this year comes to an end with the best green eyeshadow looks to try, guaranteed to turn everyone green with envy! 

    Don’t know how to wear green eyeshadow? No worries, we got a green eyeshadow makeup tutorial to show you how to rock this super popular hue!

    Green Eyeshadow Look Ideas to Try

    Green tones are fitting for any time of the year! #HotGirlSummer? Lime or neon greens are your go-to’s. Rich forest greens that bring lush greenery to your face are your BFF’s for fall and holiday szn (Grinch, but make her glam)! You’ll feel nothing short of beautiful in this shade, so grab the best green eyeshadow for your skin tone and blend up one of these masterpieces!

    Green Smokey Eye

    Green smokey eyes are equally sultry as regular smokey eyes, but with a fun pop of color! Use green eyeshadow shades that lean on the darker side to complete a smokey eye or add a little bit of black to deepen your green hues for a more smokey effect. If you were looking for a green eyeshadow for brown eyes or a green fall eye look, look no further because this look (and shade) is perfect for all our brown eyed babes and the season!

    How to Green Smokey Eye

    Simple Flush of Green

    If you’re not comfortable with a green smokey eye (we’ve been there), try this simple green eye look using lighter green shimmers. Choose jewel-toned green eyeshadow for green eyes to make them pop and a shimmer green eyeshadow for dark skin to really show off that glowing melanin!

    How to Green Eyeshadow

    Green Eyeshadow with Glitter Eyeliner

    Glitter takes any look to the next level (maybe 100 levels), especially when it comes to holiday makeup, duh! Create a cute green eye look as your base using forest green eyeshadow shades and then add a cat eye with green glitter. This look screams Christmas so give yourself the gift of a good festive glam with this green eye look!

    How to Green Eyeliner

    Green Cut-Crease

    Who doesn’t love a good, sharp cut-crease?! Create a defined and sultry cut-crease with your fave green shadows! You can keep it matte and monochromatic or get creative and add a touch of shimmer to accentuate those daring eyes. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this look for a night out!

    How to Green Cut Crease

    We hope you feel daring and sexy with these green eyeshadow makeup looks to try! Oh, you need green eyeshadows to complete these looks? Get your hands on our Scorpio Bonus ShadowMe palette! This spicy palette features 3 mattes and 6 shimmers (including 3 stunning greens) for endless looks that are perfect year round. 

    LiveGlam Scorpio Palette for green eyeshadow looks

    Get Scorpio Palette

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    Ana Delgadillo

    Ana is a Los Angeles based beauty blogger and influencer with a passion for everything that makes you feel beautiful. When she's not creating new makeup looks or tips for her followers, she's most likely journaling or lifting some weights at the gym.

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