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    Beauty Hacks,    Skincare

    Acne Prone Skin Makeup: 10 Top Tips for Professional Artists

    Posted by LiveGlam on Jan 17, 2017

    Acne Prone Skin Makeup: 10 Top Tips for Professional Artists

    Acne, we’ve all been there at some point and it’s super annoying. The key to battling acne is to know the cause and prevent it. Although it’s easier than it sounds, we have to improvise in the meantime and LiveGlam has got you covered! We are sharing our top 10 tips for professional artists working on acne prone skin makeup.



    1. Skincare Secrets

    First thing, get the acne under control and find the best skincare that is suitable for acne prone skin. You should get to know your client’s skin by asking as many questions as you can. A good skincare regimen includes a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a treatment.


    Photo by Pressfoto / Freepik

    2. Prep and Prime

    Apply makeup to clean skin every time. Use a mattifying makeup primer to keep skin shine-free and in place all day long. A mattifying primer will help as a disguise for acne prone skin makeup.


    Photo by Pressfoto / Freepik

    3. Coverage Control

    While treating the acne, you’re going to have rely on foundation that provides good coverage. Look for one that is oil-free and always go for liquid foundations. Sticks and compacts can make acne look worse.


    4. Concealer Confessions

    A good trick to covering up acne is to apply concealer after the foundation (to cover what the foundation didn’t). Try to find one that contains salicylic acid to treat the acne while camouflaging it.



    5. Strictly Stipple

    This is one of the most important tricks for an artist, so be sure to remember it. Always stipple the makeup on even when it comes to bronzer and blush. This will give your client the best coverage and it will avoid rubbing-off all the work you just did to cover-up the blemishes.



    6. Avoid Alcohol

    Don’t worry, we’re not saying to slow down the cocktails. Avoid using alcohol based products. They will only agitate problem skin and cause more breakouts.


    Photo by Boryanam / Freepik

    7. Powder Power

    Choose a sheer powder to help set the foundation and concealer in place. This will prevent the makeup from looking dry and cakey. You never want to use powder for coverage, it will emphasize the acne.



    8. Beautiful Brushes

    The best makeup brushes are clean brushes. You should wash your tools once a week with a gentle cleanser and rinse them really good. Excess makeup and oil on your brushes will only cause more breakouts, which you definitely want to avoid.


    9. Pure Products

    Always check the ingredients. If your products are non-comedogenic, paraben-free, sulfate-free & oil-free, then you’re golden! These ingredients are likely to clog pores and irritate skin.



    10. Mattify, Don’t Magnify

    Steer away from any shimmer or illuminators. They will draw more attention to the breakouts.


    Acne Prone Skin Makeup – Top Tips

    So, what do you think? Ready to really take on acne prone skin makeup? You’ve got this! Just follow our tips and you’ll become a pro in no time! Be sure to check out our DIY blemish remover tips to help get rid of those pesky breakouts. If you have any questions, we’ve got you! Ask us below, or on Facebook!

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    • Thanks for the advice to look for coverage options that are oil-free so you don't make your acne look worse. I would imagine that finding a dermatological treatment of some sort would be a good option as well. Talking to your doctor would be a good way to find a treatment that would work for you.

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