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    5 Beauty Trends to Look Out for in 2018

    Posted by Lanie Edwards on Jan 05, 2018

    5 Beauty Trends to Look Out for in 2018

    New year, new trends!

    While we saw come crazy trends come and go in 2017, we’re ready to see what this year is going to bring. To get your creative juices flowing, here are 5 beauty trends to look out for in 2018! Will you be trying any of these, or making your own?

    1. Glossy lids 

    While glossy lids aren’t completely new, this trend started to pick up speed in 2017 and is definitely carrying into the new year. This fresh, versatile look can be paired with a bold or subtle eyeshadow depending on your mood. Not only is your lipgloss poppin’, but your lids will be too!

    Getting the look is very simple. All you have to do is apply whichever shade of eyeshadow you want for the day, and top it with any type of oil, vaseline, or even chapstick. Or, to make it more official, you can purchase an eye gloss from M.A.C. or Milk Makeup to seal the deal!

    Image sources: @nikaxjung, @federicadibernard, @jackieaina


    2. Jewel Eyes

    Just when you think there’s only so much you can do with your eyes, we keep seeing more and more innovative trends. Instead of your typical eyeshadow or eyeliner, add some bling to your life by applying jewels and rhinestones around your eyes using lash glue!

    Image sources: Jeremy Scott, Van Noten


    3. Yellow-Gold takeover

    Ever since Rihanna’s Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife from Fenty Beauty dropped, we’ve been seeing it everywhere and it doesn’t seem to be losing momentum. But, instead of just using this to highlight your cheekbones or nose, you can use this yellow-gold metallic shade as an eyeshadow, lip shimmer, and highlight all at the same time for the ultimate glow. You’ll be looking like a goddess all year with this look!

    Image sources: Fenty Beauty


    4. The New Inner Corner Pop 

    Instead of applying your usual gold or silver eyeshadow in your inner corners, make them really pop with a bold color instead. Or, take it to the next level and add lots of sparkle in there for a galactic look. The best part? You don’t have to apply it perfectly! The messiness aspect makes it edgy. 

    Image sources: IMAXTREE


    5. Under Eyeliner

    During NYFW, we saw this bold under eyeliner look on the Jill Stuart runways. Basically, just apply eyeliner to your lower lash line and wing it out. Not only does this make your eyes appear large and in charge, but it’ll also have you looking like a Fashion Week model. Just be careful not to smudge it!

    Image sources: Jill Stuart


    Which trends are you excited to rock this year? Let us know in the comments below!

    Stay glam!


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    Lanie Edwards

    Lanie Edwards is a content creator, makeup fanatic, and food lover. She lives in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, constantly editing or coming up with fresh ideas for LiveGlam content. During her free time, you can catch her being a freelance MUA, vlogging on YouTube, or eating anything that smells good.

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