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yellow eyeshadow looks to try


4 Yellow Eyeshadow Looks To Try

Posted by LiveGlam on Aug 12, 2021

Yellow eyeshadow doesn’t usually jump out of the palette as your everyday, go-to, throw-it-on-and-go shade. However, it can be. Yellow is a gorgeous shade against many skin tones, especially dark, deep, and olive skin. This sunny shade is a great way to add creativity and unique fun to your look while remaining completely wearable. 

Here are our favorite 4 yellow eyeshadow looks to try using the knockout ‘Flocking Fabulous’ palette

Ombre yellow eyes with a glitter crease and bold wing

Starting off with a bang! This look surrounds the eye with sunshine-bright yellow hues so it’s ideal for evenings or events that deserve a statement. 

Buff a combo of ‘Sunset’ and ‘Tangerine’ into the crease and under the eye, using a clean brush to blend out the edges. Pack ‘Sundaze’ onto the lid and top with a shimmery gold, champagne, or even yellow shimmer if you have one handy! 

Take a gold glitter liner like the Glammer Liner in ‘Legend’ and draw a thin line through the crease. Stand back and add a little more if needed. Finish off with a blackest-black liquid winged liner and copious amounts of black mascara. 

A sliver of yellow with a chocolate crease 

Yellow doesn’t need to completely take over the lid to be effective and wearable. One of our favorite ways to use a bold shade is to apply a thin line of it on the mobile lid and leave it at that. It pops when the eye is both open and closed, but doesn’t engulf the entire lid. 

The addition of a deep chocolate crease brings structure, depth, and a smokier aesthetic. And finally, a super-thin black liquid line along the upper lashes polishes the look and brings even more attention to your eyes. We like to keep the lower lashes and lash line squeaky clean for this look. 

Opaque graphic shapes 


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Time for some artistic fun. Let’s take the color, and only the color and create a focal point that starts conversations. Take a mixing medium (preferably a long-wearing one) and combine it with your favorite yellow shadow to create a thick cream. 

Take a small, flat brush and paint the product onto the eye, slowly crafting the shape you want. It could be an over-extended wing, a perfectly-placed half circle, or even a raw-edged brush stroke across the lid. 

Leave the rest of the eye alone apart from a slick of mascara. 

Yellow and blue summertime eyes 


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It’s summer, so let’s celebrate by matching the two most summer-centric shades: sunshine yellow and pool (or ocean, or sky) blue! 

Instead of placing the colors together on the top lid, we like to give each shade their moment by placing yellow on the upper lid and blue along the lower lash line. 

A great way to do this while keeping it clean and fresh is to mix your yellow shadow with a mixing medium and use it as a liner. 

Draw a thick line above the lashes and wing out slightly, with a little bronzer in the crease for warmth and depth. Buff a bright blue shade along the lower lash line with a small, stubby brush, and add a little nude liner in the waterline to brighten the look. 

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