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4 Ways To Use Lip Gloss


4 Ways To Use Lip Gloss

Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 16, 2021

Hands up if you had those roller-style glosses from the dollar store back in the early 2000s? Goodness only knows what they were made of, but boy, our lips were gleaming 24/7.  

Lip gloss was kind of shunned for a moment there. In a time when matte lips reigned supreme, those glossy tubes sat idle. Not anymore! Gloss came flying back into our lives (with the natural makeup resurgence) and may it never leave us again. 

Lip gloss is one of those makeup products that can multitask like a pro. In the name of getting the most out of our products in 2021, here are 4 ways to use lip gloss!  

Note: our go-to gloss for multitasking is the July 2020 Lippie Club clear gloss ‘Dandelion’

Accentuate the fullness of your pout 

uses for lip gloss

Gloss can be a fantastic tool to use in conjunction with your lip color (stick, stain, or liner). Instead of giving an overall glossy look with a full application, you can enhance the fullest part of the lip with just a dab. 

Apply your lip color as usual, blot, then add another layer for extra longevity. Take a dab of gloss on your ring finger and press it into the center of both lips. Spread it slightly so it is cohesive then stand back and admire that extra dimension. 

Highlighter in a pinch 

different ways to use lip gloss

The charm of highlighter isn’t always in the shimmer, it’s in the light-reflecting gleam. Instead of buying a pricey highlighter, give your gloss a run for its money…you might be pleasantly shocked at the results. 

Apply your base and blush, (try to stick cream and liquid products only) then dab a small amount of gloss onto the high points of your cheeks. Depending on your skin type, a clear or slightly nude gloss down the nose and just above the brow can also look dewy and gorgeous. 

Note that oil-based glosses will break down your makeup, so this look is best for very light, non-powder makeup days. A little tinted moisturizer, cream blush, cream bronzer, and makeshift gloss highlighter…a perfect combo especially for summer. 

Enhance your liner and avoid the dry look

how to use lip gloss

Sometimes, all you need (and want) is a lip liner without the added step of lipstick. The color is perfect, the texture is lovely, and it’s fast. Great. However…what happens when the aircon dries your lips or they simply start to look a little flat? Prevent this issue with our trusty gloss. 

My trick (I do this daily) is to start with a very thin layer of gloss that I press firmly into my lips to create a light film. This primes the lips and creates an ever-so-slightly slippery texture on which your liner can glide. Line and fill the lips with your liner, then take a tiny bit of gloss on your ring finger and dab over top of the color. Add more for a wetter look, or keep it satiny. 

Our favorite liners: 

Reformulate your favorite lipstick colors

best lip gloss tips and tricks

I have many liquid matte lippies I can’t wear at the moment because my lips are defying me and are perpetually dry. However, I really want to make the most of the pretty colors without the full-blown application. 

You can repurpose your lipsticks to create a whole new formula and color saturation by employing your simple gloss.

Apply a thin layer of gloss over the lips, then dab a spot of color over the top, gently blending the two together. Or start with a light stain of color directly onto the lips before adding a layer of gloss for a high-shine finish. Play around with different color-to-gloss ratios and have some fun. 




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