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Matte Eyeshadow Looks To Try


4 Matte Eyeshadow Looks To Try

Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 11, 2022

The new LiveGlam eyeshadow palette has got us all fired up about pure matte looks. The You’re A Gem palette has answered all my prayers with my favorite colors now in eyeshadow form: lilac, mint, tangerine, and fuschia. Find me in my room, experimenting!

Here are 4 matte eyeshadow looks to try asap. 

Bright pink graphic wing

The shade Ruby is the most incredible bright, matte pink that can be used in a multitude of ways. My current obsession is to create a sharp, graphic wing with this shade, keeping the lower lashes clean. Here’s how: 

  • Apply a layer of grippy eyeshadow primer or cream shadow that matches your skin tone 
  • Lay a credit card, piece of paper, or eyeshadow stencil from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow. 
  • Using a stubby brush, pack the color onto the lid up to the crease 
  • Take a Q-tip soaked in a little makeup remover and use it to sharpen the edges and corners to create a bold wing 
  • Add mascara and lashes 

Matte orange with gold liner 

Amber is such a gorgeous shade for tanned or deep skin tones, especially when matched with a glitzy gold liner. 

For this look, I simply buff Amber all over the lid and through the crease, using a clean brush to blend the edges. Buff the color into the lower lash line and connect it at the outer corners. You could also use a little Topaz (paler orange) to add some dimension to the lower lash lines and center of the lid. 

Take a metallic gold liner along the upper lash line, creating a subtle wing at the outer corner. Add black or deep brown mascara. 

Minty jade buffed through the upper and lower lashes

Jade is a cool, refreshing minty shade that looks amazing on any complexion. I use this as my lazy-day shade as it’s so gorgeous all on its own. All I do is buff it through the upper and lower lash lines without going too far toward the crease. I add black mascara (and plenty of it) and pair with a soft pink gloss or balm on the lips. 

Matte purple 1960s crease with black falsies 

Ametrine is my new all-time favorite eyeshadow. As soon as you see it you’ll think “1960s”!  

Here’s what you can do at home: 

  • Apply a layer of grippy eyeshadow primer or cream shadow that matches your skin tone 
  • Press a matte white shadow over the lid
  • Buff Ametrine into the crease and into the lower lashes 
  • Fill the waterline in with a matte white liner 
  • Add a bold black wing and dramatic falsies 
  • Pair with a pale pink lipstick 



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