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Which LiveGlam KissMe Shade Aligns with your Zodiac?

by Lanie Edwards 3 months ago

We’ve officially made it to the end of the 2nd week of 2018! How’s our #LiveGlamFam feeling so far?

With a new year comes new opportunities, goals, and obstacles. To help you figure out what you need to slay this year, we’re giving you the perfect lippie shade from our LiveGlam Lippie Club, KissMe, that aligns with your zodiac sign!

1. Capricorn

“Life makes more and better sense in 2018, Capricorn. A clearer perspective will make it much easier to achieve your goals and dreams.” –

KissMe shade: Goals

2. Aquarius:

“The year 2018 is full of changes, Aquarius, and they all make you more influential and important. You may not always take yourself seriously, but please take what you do seriously, and see great progress and success this year.” –

KissMe shade: Promiscuous

3. Pisces:

“The year 2018 is one for hard work, Pisces, and the stars are working hard for you. On New Year’s Day, the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are all in water signs. You have keen sensitivities and sharp insights and intuition all year long.” –

KissMe shade: Vixen

4. Aries:

“Look forward to success, praise, and pleasure, Aries! Settle down and work relentlessly toward career and self-improvement goals. The year 2018 starts with your planet Mars conjoined with regal Jupiter in no-nonsense Scorpio. Prepare to rule!” –

KissMe shade: Royal 

5. Taurus

“Rock your world in 2018! Your ruling planet Venus is one of the best connected and most powerful forces in the sky this year. Your goals and aspirations will not be denied. Make them big and noble.” –

KissMe shade: Happily Ever After

6. Gemini:

“Welcome to bustling, beautiful 2018, Gemini! You’ll have the chance to connect with more people and engage in more new situations as never before. It’s also a year for you to start many new projects and begin exploring new avenues in life.” –

KissMe shade: Pillow Talk

7. Cancer

“The year 2018 is an open book for you, Cancer. You have access to all that the stars have to offer. If it’s work, family, finances, love, or anything else, there will be a planet ready to give you a hand.” –

KissMe shade: Bae

8. Leo:

“The year 2018 blazes with energy, challenges, and opportunities of the most practical and far-reaching kind. You’re looking at a golden year, Leo! What you achieve in 2018 can be made to last. Plan and proceed wisely.” –

KissMe shade: Magic

9. Virgo

“Virgo, 2018 is your year to get intense! Intensity has its ups and downs, and you can make the most of the ups while coping skillfully with any downs. Your planet Mercury has three retrogrades this year, all of them in fire signs. After each retrograde, feel impassioned about yourself and your life, and watch everything fall into place for you.” –

KissMe shade: Poison Apple

10. Libra:

“The focus is on you for 2018, Libra. Be prepared for people to look to you for advice and leadership. It will be easy and it will come naturally, so relax and enjoy the attention.” –

KissMe shade: Hottie Tottie

11. Scorpio:

“You’re a powerful person and a force of nature in 2018, Scorpio! The year begins with your planet Mars conjoined with influential Jupiter in Scorpio. Once you decide on a plan of action, nothing and no one will be able to slow you down.” –

KissMe shade: Midnight

12. Sagittarius

“Enter 2018 moving in high speed, Sagittarius, and accelerate from there. Your planet Jupiter is powerful and ambitious and will keep you going full blast in the direction that moves you forward. There is no time to waste in 2018. You have big things to do, people to see, and places to go.” –

KissMe shade: Naples

Now that you know which KissMe shade is the perfect match for your zodiac sign this year, be sure to sign up for our LiveGlam Lippie Club if you haven’t yet! Get 3 new gorgeous shades delivered straight to your door every month for just $19.99. Our formula is cruelty-free, transfer-proof, and feels great on the lips!

If you see a shade you love but missed the collection, you can also check your Dashboard to see if it’s available for trade or in Rewards. Remember, you can now trade individual lippies or your whole set. So, if you’ve had your eye on one of these shades, it just might be waiting for you!

What’s your all-time favorite KissMe shade, and what’s your sign? Let us know in the comments!

Stay glam!


Lanie Edwards

Lanie Edwards is a content creator, makeup fanatic, and food lover. She lives in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, constantly editing or coming up with fresh ideas for LiveGlam content. During her free time, you can catch her being a freelance MUA, vlogging on YouTube, or eating anything that smells good. View all the posts by Lanie Edwards

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