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20 Things All Lipstick Lovers Can Relate To

Posted by Jess Hall on Oct 16, 2017

20 Things All Lipstick Lovers Can Relate To

Whether you’re fond of lipstick to a normal point, or if you’re at the point where you begin to hyperventilate at the very sight of a lipstick display stand at your local department store, there are a few (20 to be exact) things that every lipstick lover out there knows to be true.

1. When someone asks what the difference between all 40 red lipsticks in your collection is.

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2.  Nude lipsticks? Like a moth to a flame. Your nude lipstick collection is a 50 shades of beige sort of situation, but you’re still tempted by every nude shade that hits the market.

3. There’s always a lipstick within arm’s reach. Your handbag, bathroom, dressing table, pencil case, your car, the floor – they’re everywhere. Seriously.

4. Your handbag is a bottomless pit of your ‘everyday’ lip products.

5. You experience a minor emotional breakdown when it’s announced that one of your fave lippies is being discontinued.

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6. You genuinely considered coughing up $90 for a Christian Louboutin lipstick, but couldn’t quite go through with it.

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7. While we’re on the topic of money…you regularly try to justify spending half of your week’s wages on the latest lipstick release.

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8. Becoming an emotional wreck when you realize that after a day in the sun, your favourite lipstick has melted at the bottom of your handbag.

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9. Packaging a minimum of ten lipsticks for a weekend away. Girl’s gotta have choices.

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10. Your experimentation with colorful lipsticks doesn’t always pay off in the way that you’d hoped.

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11. When your boyfriend questions you over your latest lipstick haul that cost more than your monthly energy bills.

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12. You walk out of Sephora with lipstick swatches covering your entire arms and hand – kinda like you let a toddler loose on you with a set of colouring crayons and gel pens.

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13. Your bedroom and wardrobe are both a complete mess, but your lipstick collection is perfectly organized at all times.

14. You feel like your makeup look is always incomplete without lipstick. In fact, you feel completely naked and exposed without it.

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15. You can now (just about) apply your liquid lippies without a compact mirror in sight.

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16. You prioritize choosing a lipstick shade over making a nutritious breakfast in the mornings.

17. You have to opt for the straw on nights out and all social occasions, so as to not transfer and ruin the hard work you put in to perfecting your pout.

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18. Your lipstick collection is worth more than your car or yearly rent payment.

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19. You do a mirror check approximately 20 times throughout the day to check that you don’t have lipstick on your teeth.

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20. Experiencing serious heartbreak when you lose your favourite lipstick shade.

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Stay glam!


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