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Which Popular Foundation Brush Style is Best?

Posted by LiveGlam
on Feb 18, 2018

Which Popular Foundation Brush Style is Best?

Your foundation is the building block to a beautiful beat face! There are so many ways to slap product on your face, so what we have here is a foundation brush breakdown. Check out how these different popular foundation brushes apply product! If you like full coverage or a natural look, the foundation brush (or sponge!) you use can make a big difference.

We’ve got 4 popular foundation brush styles, so pick your fave or mix n match. For the images below- I applied 1 pump of Fenty Pro Flit’r Foundation which each method so you can compare coverage!

Round Buffing Brush

A big, soft buffing brush, like the Morphe M444, works super well with most any foundation type which I love! You can apply your product quickly and it blends very smoothly. I think this brush most resembles the application on a blending sponge! The coverage is lighter than our alternatives, you can see a bit more spotting and redness with the single layer of product! It works great for a natural look and super good for blending.

Domed Brush

The domed foundation brush is known for an airbrushed finish! You get a really nice medium coverage from this style of brush, like the Morphe G40. You can easily layer and blend with it also. I really like this size brush for covering redness because you can apply different levels of coverage where you need it easily. You can see that the redness is lessened, but this brush does not help disguise large pores as well as your buffers do.

Flat buffer

If you like full coverage foundation, then a flat buffer brush is what you need! A brush like LiveGlam MorpheMe RG6 works really well with liquid, cream or stick foundations and gets you the most pigmentation possible! Buff and blend your heart away. The RG6 is a bit smaller, which gives you more intense coverage and works really great in the under eye region! This style of foundation brush reduces the redness and spotting a lot, and it disguises pores! I’m a fan.

Blending Sponge

Using a damp blending sponge is most definitely the lightest foundation coverage in the bunch! The sponge does an amazing job at hiding your pores, tho, and makes the product look seamlessly beautiful on the skin. You can layer up to get additional coverage, but you’ll be using up more product this way! If you love the natural look and just need a bit of extra coverage, try the sponge. If you’re looking to get more coverage from your sponge, try using it dry! You’ll have to give it a little extra blending, tho.

If you’re not a liquid foundation user and prefer a creamy alternative, here’s a comparison of the RG6 and blending sponge with MUFE Full Cover Camouflage Cream!

Beating your face is like prepping your canvas for paint, whether you want full coverage or a light natural look. Try out these popular foundation brushes which you can get your hands on through our LiveGlam brush club, MorpheMe! We send you 3-8 brushes every month for $19.99- if that sounds like your cup of tea then check out more info!

Stay Glam!

Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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